October 25, 2017

Hannah Rice Talks Fashion And Clean Living

Hannah Rice, Charleston blogger and clean lifestyle advocate, can breeze into any foreign room, place, situation and turn the air friendly and sepia toned. The kind of person who makes you question why you’re clinging to your coffee cup so hard… Because although she fights the same daily battles, the same life challenges as anyone else, Hannah owns who she is and the world around her with confidence and a smile. She chooses to see the sunshine and chase the sparkle on the waves. Making her a perfect little entrepreneur to gain some insight from. Find Hannah’s clean living advice below!

  1. We have been obsessed with the new clean living movement and awareness happening. What inspired you to start living a cleaner lifestyle?

I grew up eating organic produce, and I had a good idea of what was “good” and “bad.” But that was not the it factor. It was rather the process of evolving from being aware of what I consumed due to health issues, to later discovering the positive impact of living a clean and conscious life.

  1. We are so jealous of that inner glow you seem to radiate and can we please steal your gorgeous skin!? (in a very non Hannibal Lector kind of way of course) What major differences/ impacts have you noticed after being more conscious?

Haha I am flattered, thank you! I am so fortunate that my journey in establishing a more holistic lifestyle came very naturally to me. It was the fine tuning that really got me. It was in clean beauty, seeing food as fuel and engaging in physical fitness to have abundant energy. Those transitions took time. I did not feel or see a difference immediately, but getting rid of hidden toxins plays a large role in that. If you are longing for the benefits of a clean lifestyle, take it slowly. Focus on one thing at a time. Food, fitness, skin, household products- in no particular order. It took awhile, but damn, I finally feel like myself. I am so grateful that my body is now operating how God intended. Where I am now, feels natural.

  1. What clean beauty product can you not live without and go ahead and list everything you are carrying in your purse right now!

I can’t live without my Juice Beauty CC Cream. It is soft in texture, smooths my complexion and protects with SPF 30.

As for my purse, I am currently traveling so the theme is especially purifying and hydrating.

I’ve got: Everyone hand sanitizer spray in coconut + lemon, Maya Chia’s supercritical waterless wonder balm, a packet of Vital Proteins collagen peptides, “Sit Like A Buddha” by Lodro Rinzler, ‘Arcadia’ by Lauren Groff and a notebook.

  1. Give us a quick run through of your morning routine & one delicious starter smoothie recipe!

I wake up very slowly. I usually check in with my boyfriend, call or facetime him as I am getting ready  (we are currently long distance). Then I do my morning routine; wash face, tone, layer some serums and voila! Lastly, I slither into workout clothes and then make my AM smoothie!

Here is a nutritious, balanced and tasty smoothie recipe, that is based off of the #bewellsmoothie by Kelly LeVeque:


  • Scoop of Chocolate protein: I am currently using Ora Organics*

  • Handful of spinach*

  • Tablespoon of flaxseed*

  • Generous tablespoon of peanut butter*

  • Handful of frozen Strawberries*

  • Cup of Almond Milk or milk of choice*

  • For extra strength:

* Use organic ingredients when possible

Ursa Major Deodorant found here

How would you describe your personal style, and what is one item in your closet you love the most? 

I would describe my style at the moment as feminine, whimsical and tasteful. My most adored item for this season is my Faithfull the Brand striped sweater (from Beckett) and an amazing Elizabeth and James suede tote.

  1. With one of our favorite holidays around the corner, what was your favorite Halloween costume?

Last year I was Eloise, and it was the most genius costume I have ever come up with. I come from a pug family, which makes it even more fitting. I just love Eloise. Her lifestyle is so admirable. She is impossibly chic. Eloise is my soul sister.

Cute! Who wouldn’t want to swing down the banisters at the Plaza! What advice do you have for someone just starting to enter into the world of less chemicals, more organic, eco-friendly, cruelty free,  – a.k.a- clean healthy living?

Your attitude is the most important thing to nurture as you are in this transition. You have to think about this experience as a positive contribution to your life. You cannot think of what you are eliminating. In turn, you must concentrate on the good you are receiving from this process. I can assure you, you will not receive anything from an attitude of negativity. You must approach this transition as beautiful, as delicate, as something that is bringing you back to who are you intended to be.

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Article by Athena + Chelsea | Photography by Athena Crofts



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