June 1, 2016

Summer Popsicle Recipes

Every summer I try to make popsicles. I don’t know why, but I am slightly addicted to the idea of crafting these delicious, refreshing, and beautiful summer treats myself. It is the ultimate “summer is here” vibe that a store bought ensemble just can’t quite provide. I want to sit out in a cleanly mowed garden, listen to the birds squabble, and have some sort of bubbling fountain calming my brain waves while I take apart my treat.

The key word in that first sentence is try… because no matter what the recipe is, my creations never turn out like the Pinterest versions tell me they should. I usually just take pride and pleasure in the activity and fun of making popsicles as the silver lining. Not even my boyfriend could pretend to eat the oatmeal yogurt mess from last years attempt. It stayed together long enough for me to take a very edited Insta and pretend that I and it were both fabulous.

This year will be different! I have put together a list of all the most delicious looking recipes. I have bought a specialty popsicle maker from Amazon – rather than using ice treys – and I will have my spectacular looking popsicles and eat them too!

Thanks! – C

(Click heading for link to recipes)





Boozy Pops! Watermelon Mojito





Earl Grey Latte 


Cherry-merlot winesicles


Raspberry + white cherry yogurt pops


Root Beer Float Ice Pops


Dark and Stormy POps


Strawberry Lemonade popsicle 



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