May 5, 2016

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There it stands, the center of your house, the first thing people notice when they enter the room – the coffee table. The pressure is on.

Well…use the pressure for style motivation perhaps, but really it is your house and your rules. Do what you want and decorate your coffee table with a personalized vignette that is uniquely yours.

If you love fashion, and find your curiosity dipping into the world of fashion history, coffee table books on the subject are a great way to engage your interest while simultaneously being stylish as hell. They make great conversation starters to boot.

Did you know that Marie Antoinette’s seamstress got her measurements wrong on her transition to the French court? She announced herself to the infamous gaggle of petty and gossipy court goers showing her undies! (or what they considered to be so) *Insert scandalous gasp*.

I bet you didn’t know Mark Twain invented the bra right? Or that the bikini was named after the place where they tested the atomic bomb. Perhaps it may interest you to know Charles Worth helped catapult the business of fashion in 1845 France by starting the idea of haute couture and ready to wear. Those are some dresses you are going to want to check out and pretend you can wear around your house casually.

Here are some fabulous books to have on your coffee table and some styled Beckett looks to pair with the theme!

Enjoy ~ C!

Fashion Photography at its best



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Feminin with patterns



An in depth look at an immensely influential designer who used his art to express the issues of a generation.


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EdgE Doesn’t need to loose elegance



This book will take you through the ages or explore how and why fashion transformed through time.


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Add a natural element to every outfit




Fashion Plates: 150 years of Style

A fashion historian does her homework in beautiful and illustrative detail!


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All hand crafted  





The old editor and chief of Vogue speaks truth, “There’s only one very good life and that’s the life you know you want and you make it yourself.”



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Blue looks good on everyone



That cover though! No explanation necessary on how stunning this will look on your coffee table and in your life.

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elevate hot days with cool tones

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