2016 Fashion Olympics!

2016 Fashion Olympics!

Welcome…to the 2016 Fashion Summer Olympics! There will be heart break, there will be blood (as in hard work), sweat (although Beckett girls don’t sweat, we glow), and well, no real tears. Except perhaps of laughter when A* and I created an Amish meets 60’s Hippy looking disaster that belonged on no one ever. The evidence has since been deleted… it can’t sit with us.

The important thing is that this is where style dreams are made. This is where it happens, where one outfit fulfills its destiny and outshines them all! Which one will it be? YOU decide which one deserves a gold medal, which one deserves a silver medal, and which one tried its best, but inevitably got the award akin to the “most improved” BS they gave out in high-school. Joking Joking… bronze is of course exceptional for all the real athletes, but in High Fashion, if you ain’t first you’re last, baby.

All voters will get 10% off their next Beckett purchase! In order to vote simply comment on our Facebook post which outfit you think should be awarded which medal. Also please remember that all outfits were either styled by myself or in collaboration with A*, who also helped think up this very fun blog idea, so you are voting for the styled outfit, not the person trying to model it!

Let the hunger…. sorry fashion games begin!

The “I just woke up and crushed life what have you done today?” look

The “boss babe” look

The “winning is for winners” look

The “party like a champion” look

The “I make being incredible look easy” aka the michael phelps look


the “you’re going to know my name” look

Happy voting!! Call or e-mail about something you loved. – C*

P.S. Fun Fact: During the first Olympic games in Greece, some men would preform in the nude and married women were not allowed to watch on penalty of death. Not just any death, if caught they were thrown off a cliff! Way to be ancient times, way to be.

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