5 Bold Fall Trends to Try

5 Bold Fall Trends to Try

Charleston Fall Weather, you are being the ultimate A-hole, and I say that with all due respect. Every AM on my walk with the dogs, I take a deep breath of crisp and fragrant air. “What a glorious fall morning!” said Ralph Waldo Emmerson probably.

No sooner have I excitedly put on my sweater weather outfit and strutted out to work, than I realize it somehow reverted back to 98 degrees in what had to have been 10 seconds.

I am assuming this is a cruel and early April fools joke directed right at me. Quick update, the world obviously revolves around me. Weather be damned though, I am going to embrace some very fun styling tricks, and some bold and beautiful fall trends to get my confidence and heart rate going if the not-so-cold-air refuses too.

Trend Numero Uno: the casual T, smoldering pencil skirt, trench

Yesterday’s Taco Tuesday is still in my brain’s forefront, but in reality I only wish I could speak Spanish. I took Latin in school and ask me if I remember one word of that… Back to fashion, kill this look by throwing your most casual T-shit with a maxi or pencil skirt. Layer with a fall trench!

Color me Complimented

Something about colors that compliment each other gets me jacked up. I just love when your eyes are immediately like, “Wow, I would have never guessed, but YEP!” This very moment happened when A* arrived in a maroon top and a chunky turquoise necklace and I haven’t been able to stop talking about it since.

Other great combos are: Bright Red + Camel (my favorite), Ice Blue + Black (picured above), Bright Red + Blush Pink, Blush Pink + Army Green, Blush Pink + Rust, Navy + Gold, Gray + Raspberry. By the way, this is Beckett Babe L* crushing it!

Trend 3: go ahead, put those pearls on a T-shirt from Target!

Trend 3 is mixing the highest of your high-end with everyday wear. This fur vest is probably meant to be thrown over a cocktail dress for a night at the Opera, but I think it quite compliments splatter paint denim and a long cotton shirt (from Beckett not Target).

Trend 4: Dazed but never confused 

Show me someone who doesn’t like their legs to never end and I will show you a liar. So shoppers, quit telling me you are not bold enough to throw on a wide leg. I know you are, you know you are, and the construction workers across the street who whistled at A* whilst this picture was taken know you are. All you need is a heel!

I say this from an actual factual stand point, and not because I am obsessed with the 70s and think Dazed and Confused is the greatest movie of all time. If I could live in a movie and have the song ‘Slow Ride’ playing endlessly….

Trend 5: Hold the Tea add the sleeves 

Your Summer T- Dress just got Fall-itized. Layer it with a long sleeve and suddenly the sweetheart girl in you just made BFFs with your inner cool girl. Warning, results could be fantastic. (I am fairly certain I use that word in every blog post. I blame you Mom. Obama, you’re off the hook.)

Needed to show you all the sleeve detail! 

Quick note here – we only have limited shoes to style with in the store and I chose incorrectly. Don’t let that distract you from the fact that while wearing this I felt like infinite men were about to start singing love ballads to me. And that is a fantastic feeling.

Blog Challenge: I want everyone reading this to find the item in your closet that you dared to buy, but never actually wear. Now I want you to style it and boldly go out and show it off!

Don’t forget you can shop this blog or call the store (843-405-1105) for details! Thanks! C* 

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