5 Favorite Things: November

5 Favorite Things: November

Raise your hand if this scenario has happened to you: walk into Target’s holiday “Threshold Home Living” Section, leave with everything. Including that pink sparkly tree your hubby is going to love!

We know, Thanksgiving is a few days away and no one wants to dive into the winter holidays yet, but……. Sugar Plum fairies! Common!

In all fairness we love you too turkey day, and will be watching the Friends Thanksgiving episodes on repeat while we drink spiked red wine hot cocoa (seriously recipe below) and tuning out Uncle Jeff raving about politics.

Behold our November Fall Wish List:

1) A magical little messenger board – The Letter Folk – @LetterFolk on Insta

Their Insta is full of gorgeous and humorous messages like this! They even have a blush one and you know we can’t get enough blush at Beckett. Buy it HERE

2) News Boy Hats and Chanel suspenders! We are loving this throw back trend – the perfect topping to your Sunday (get it) OOTD

Insta: @SincerelyJules Web: SincerelyJules.com

local Charleston Blogger! Insta: @MissTaraBelle Web: Click Here

Buy your own cuteness for $42 HERE

3) Chemical free Home Swaps

  • Swap Glade-like Candles For A Simmer Pot!

No one loves a good candle more than us! However, little did we know many of them are chock full of chemicals. The good news is there is an alternative that will fill your entire house with amazing Fall smells and simmer pots are o’natural. Perfect to use before the family arrives! Recipe for an amazing and easy one HERE.

  •  Swap Dryer Sheets For Essential Oils!

  • It turns out that dryer sheets are another sneaky little place hiding lots of chemicals in your home and transferring them to your skin. Ick! luckily for those who still want baby soft linens that smell deliciously fresh, there is a “clean” chemical free alternative!wool dryer balls (HERE) + your favorite essential oils! Ours is lavender (HERE) – and this trick is Beckett tested and approved to work by us!Wool balls have the added benefit of de-wrinkling and softening your laundry in the dryer! We got this trick and pictures from Charleston local blogger Elsie Larson from A Beautiful Mess . She has tons of clean living home and beauty tricks we actually want to try!

4) Two jewelry brands to take you from day to night!

Our everyday obsession is our new jewelry brand Machete! (Not pronounced like the weapon). Despite packing a major punch stylistically, they are light as a feather for long wear. We also love that they are Eco-friendly, super affordable ($22-$48), imported from Italy, and if that wasn’t enough they do not support any unfair labor practices. Bravo!


Our night on the town jewelry is hands down local jewelry maker Jane Pope! Jane Pope uses fine stones such as diamonds or morganite and is known for incorporating organic and imperfect lines. Your will fall in love with her cool girl balance of elegant refinery and whimsy. Insta: @JanePopeJewelry Website: HERE


5) Spiked Red Wine Hot Chocolate

What is it spiked with you ask? Wine. WINE. We haven’t tried it yet, but will be bringing this to work on Black Friday…

Get the Recipe HERE

Get a vintage 19th century sauce pan from Paris in which to cook your decadent chocolate drink HERE

XOXO – Beckett Team!

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