5 Favorite Things this Month, September

5 Favorite Things this Month, September


Every month we seem to adore some small thing that make everything fresh and fun for the coming month, whether that be a comedian on Netflix (in love with Iliza Shlesinger), to the cutest little mint green hair dryer. Sometimes the little things can brighten a day!

Listed below, in no particular order, are our faves for the coming month!


1, coin necklaces

If we had a penny for every time we obsessed over layering gold dipped coin necklaces… Not only would we be rich but we would have more material for gorgeous necklaces!! Anyone want to take us up on this EXCLUSIVE offer? anyone?!

Until that time, we are carrying two of local Charlestonian Hart Hergty’s coin necklaces at the store. Both styles have sentimental meanings! One is Janus the greek god of new beginnings and positive changes, the other Artemis the warrior goddess of the Moon. We are loving the ability to either layer coins together or with complimentary delicate charms!

Shop our Janus coin at the bottom of the post!


2, Face Glow tinted primer + illuminator by GRAYDON

Ok ladies, time to keep your Summer glow going! Because you know come December We are going to be scrolling our past photos and then getting jealous of our own tanned and glowing faces during bikini season!

This all natural skin cream can be worn as a primer under makeup or on its own for healthy glow. It is also light weight, loaded with beneficial minerals, and has UV protection for a defense against harmful rays. I guess we can have it all?


3, Lava Rock Beads

Lave rocks are irresistible to us right now. First, because we all want Fall now, but Charleston’s thermostat is going to read 98 for the next month. Lava rock bracelets offer that taste of Fall we have been craving, while mixing well with our Summer stack.

Secondly, and this is an awesome one, because lava is a porous rock it soaks up and holds essential oils really well! That means you can douse them in your favorite scent and stay invigorated all day long!

Available at Beckett! Call or e-mail – $32 each.


4, Playful Ceramic Home Decor

We are LOVING that craftsmanship and small businesses are colliding with interior trends. Adding elements into your home that are unique, have character, and are made with quality materials (nothing with plastic compounds), keep it from looking like a matching set plucked from a 90s showroom. It also usually means that your personal space will better reflect you in an elevated way!  

The Quiet Clementine on Etsy has our hearts at the moment because her creations are adorable without reading too childish. She adds just the right amount of sunshine and playfulness!


5, Rebellion meets Whimsy – high top sneakers with floral dresses

We are calling it – Floral and Fall are going to be a perfect fashion romance this year and we want front row seats to that show! Maybe it’s us, maybe it’s Maybelline but you will definitely see us rocking this duo until the snow falls!

What are your fave trends for Fall?! Xx – Beckett Team!

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