5 things to accomplish this week

5 things to accomplish this week

Let’s be honest, we all get completely bogged down in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. There never seems to be enough time to get everything done, and certain things always tend to fall to the back burner of our to do lists. Springtime is all about rebirth and rejuvenation, so let’s focus on ways to improve your inner psyche. Time to take a pause and reboot: Here are 5 things to accomplish this week. These simple tasks will uplift your spirit and leave you feeling more organized, healthy, energetic, and ready to take on life with a refreshed mindset. 

1. Take a Time Out 

Meditation is an easy way to take a break from your daily life and reflect inward. Sometimes just sitting in silence for a few minutes can totally rejuvenate you (especially if your day is filled with screaming kids or crazy workers). For the tech savvy, there is a great app called CALM that can walk you through easy daily mediations.

2. Clean out your closet

Ok, I know this is a daunting task, but nothing feels more amazing than an organized closet. Expert tip: try organizing by color. It really helps you find what you are searching for when you need a specific item, as well as making your closet look fresh and neat. Check out this amazing article from REAL SIMPLE for some motivation.

3. Get Moving

Starting an exercise routine can be intimidating. Take it slow and start small. Set achievable goals, and take it one day at a time. Focusing on one part of your body at at time is a great way to conquer your fitness goals. Check out the 30 Day Fitness Challenge for awesome body busting routines that only take a few minutes a day!

4. Cook a healthy meal

Nothing is more important that your health. What we put into our bodies is just as important as what we put on our bodies. So pour a glass of wine and cook a delicious healthy meal. The act of cooking will not only relax you, but you will totally feel a sense of accomplishment when you take a bite into your yummy, nutritious concoction.


5. Do something nice for someone else

There is no better feeling than spreading the love with someone who may need a little sunshine on her rainy day. Something as simple as sending a sweet text to a old friend can go a long way. Tell a friend she looks beautiful, surprise a stranger by picking up the tab at a coffee shop, or simply open a door for someone. Any random act of kindness will no doubt boost your mood as much as the recipient’s.





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