5 Tips For Organizing A Walk-In Closet

5 Tips For Organizing A Walk-In Closet

Somehow, despite hours of plotting and creatively visualizing how to put everything exactly how I want it in my much loved house, I am a complete mess. No, not me as a human, although that’s arguable.

I have a horrible habit of being SO in my own thoughts, that the minute I no longer want something as cumbersome as a sweater in my hand, I throw it wherever the wind blows and immediately forget it exits. J often complains that he finds lots of errant socks, kicked off in the middle of the night and scrunched at the bottom of the bed, waiting for unsuspecting moments.

Anyhow, as much as I try to be different, the fact is, I am never going to change completely. Being a dreamer is who I am. Rather than getting frustrated with myself, I have decided to trick myself (much better), and use organizational tricks that work  with my psychology and habits.

                   Conquering the closet

I won’t get too wordy here, but J and I share a small walk-in closet. There is a distinct and visible line between his side of perfectly pressed suits and my side where chaos came to party. It looks like Where’s Waldo.

I have come up with 5 solutions (1 big one) to keeping myself and my clothes organized! Pictures should be update soon when project is fully completed!

The first step is easy: UNIFYING HANGERS

We use these guys on the sale rack at Beckett – and now my closet. They are the cheapest ones I have found for best value ($9) – super CUTE and come in a pack of 12 rather than the standard 5. AND they have notches for easier hanging goals.

My hangers before were a mismatch of all sorts of crazy. Buying these immediately cleaned up the visual so I could actually see my clothes.


Self explanatory. Don’t use it? Donate it. I am only being harsh because I cried during this step.


Seriously, it is insane how this helps me put things in their proper place. Its a compulsion to put something next to others like it – lest it feel alone in the world.

Also, in that split second decision when undressing, my brain is much more inclined to keep the colors beautiful, than to actively mess up the rainbow I created by being lazy.

This trick also allows you to see what colors you are typically drawn to, and plan which ones you want to see more of.



Here is the big trick… I currently have a drawer system like the rest of the world, and it gets messy faster than quitting my New Years beach body resolution after seeing a stuffed grilled cheese.

Why don’t you try drawer organizers you ask? Don’t ask me that question. They don’t work for me. End going down that road immediately.

THE TRICK: I have purchased myself a bookcase instead! (13 inches deep) (found HERE)



Yep. That is what I am doing. If a bookcase doesn’t work for you, IKEA has some amazing built in solutions HERE.

Along with the white bookcase, I am buying nice clear boxes and white cloth bins for non-hanging clothing.(link HERE for white cloth baskets). (Awesome clear boxes found at Urban BUT I found the same box but much cheaper and bigger HERE)

Ikea’s storage boxes fit perfectly into other Ikea structures too! Both boxes & bins are excellent quality. Make sure your boxes are deep and high.

Written nicely on those boxes will be categories such as Denim, Fancy Denim, Sweatshirts, Fancy Sweatshirts… you get the idea!

That way I can throw my Sh*t into it’s respecting box, and no matter how messy it is in there, everything will be visually organized and categorized! Henceforth, I am a genius (who just took 3 tries to type genius).

Has it been done before? Not that I know of. Will it work? Not that I know of. Am I still a genius? A resounding yes. (one try that time for genius)

One last thing. On top of said bookcase, I am putting two very nice woven baskets where seasonal storage, such as winter sweaters and jackets, can be thrown or neatly folded.


Lastly, STEP 5:  DECORATE!

– Paint everything a bright crisp white to give the illusion of more space and natural light.

– Throw in a good quality light fixture such as this industrial one: HERE

– Get a cut glass mirror from Lowes and stick it to your wall. On the wall makes the room look bigger and conserves space.

– Throw in cute wall hooks for dry cleaning. Found HERE.

– Throw in a faux sheepskin rug and small wooden stool! Voila!

Hope this helps anyone else with similar horrible organization habits!! Hopefully I can update with my own re-vamps soon!


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