5 Trends That Are Better In Theory

5 Trends That Are Better In Theory

There are some trends that photograph like a dream, but for everyday life? Well.. they just don’t fly. We imagine that some day our children are going to ask us why Mom wore baggy off-the-shoulder tops for a year straight in all the “old” Ipad photo rolls. It is the future after all – no more mountains of boxed Kodak camera prints to drown in.

Speaking of… lets jump into what does not work in practice, and which styles you can swap into for an even better look! We will start with a big one.

1) Off the shoulder —–> Swap to a One Shoulder or a Tiered Top  

Our issue with the off-the-shoulder look is a simple one. You can’t move! Lest you ruin your look. Who needs it? You crafted a baller outfit in the mirror this morning only to be unable to reach the cereal two seconds later. Count us cereal lovers frustrated. Swap instead into a one shoulder, or a beautifully draped tiered top like the one featured above. Better yet, that slate blue gorgeousness does all the styling work for you!

If you really can’t live without your shoulders staying sexy, try an off-the-shoulder top that has a detached sleeve and is held up by the mid-section rather than across the arms.

2) Crop Top ——> Knotted Tee Shirt

Let’s face it, unless your 6 pack is banging or you manage to find the perfect high waisted bottom, sporting a crop top can be slightly challenging. Crop tops were all over the scene last season (even creeping into workout gear, yikes!) and while the 2 piece set was the look to grab, the versatility of this mid drift baring style is short lived.

The crop top did however bring the focus to a slim waistline, which is always the goal, right? A knotted tee gives you exactly that, but combined with much more versatility for your wardrobe. Plus you get that laid back cool factor you just can’t beat.

3) Designer Sunglasses —–> Sunnies under $100

No makeup, no sleep, there is nothing some sweet shades can’t camouflage.  From aviators to mirrored lenses, the possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing the perfect pair. Affordable sunnies are having a moment and we could not be happier! Get ready for the best part… most of these less expensive brands are manufactured where high end designer sunglasses are being made. Can’t decide what style to buy? Just buy a few pairs!

4) Little white dress —–> Little White top 

Hi there, little white dress that, although gorgeous, you can’t wear to a wedding, or after Labor Day (strict southern rule) or after someone bumps into you with red wine (uggggg). Brides around the world have been rejoicing this trend and rehearsal dinner dresses have never looked so good, but for the rest of us head-to- toe white cocktail wear was much better in theory.

Let’s talk about why this trend took off. Fresh white is amazing. No matter skin color, age, hair color, white is clean and crisp and always polished, so turn your attention to the white top. A cool, interesting white top gives you the classic vibrance of this fresh hue, and can be worn with boyfriend jeans, pencil skirts, or with a fabulous statement necklace. P.S. this off-the-shoulder look is in a knit material and therefore stays put much better!

5) Romper ——> over-alls, skirt-alls, short-alls

#theRomper #AdultOnesie

Raise your hand if you are over and done with trying on a million different rompers only to find that each one just doesn’t quite fit your proportions. The Like-it-to-know-it Insta program LIES! Rompers are not made for any body type period.

Limit your liquid ladies, because going to the bathroom in this ‘stylish little number” also requires complete nudity while your romper lays on the bathroom floor (Pure Shame).  Shop instead for a more elevated style with a much easier fit – the over-all, the skirt-all, or even the short-all works better than any romper. Moreover it allows for a variety of different layers, styles, and outfits from one purchase.  See ya never romper!

XOXO C* + A*

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