7 Spring Essentials to update your wardrobe

7 Spring Essentials to update your wardrobe

This glorious Thursday, is the first time it has felt like Spring – which is Beckett’s favorite fashion season. Some may argue Fall has the layering aspect, but give me the bright colors, the mix of prints, and the relaxed confidence that comes with a bit of sunshine any day.

Let’s call it how it is shall we, January and February are filler months. Socializing?… Sorry, I’d rather be a hermiting it up in Ugg slippers and oversized sweats.

All that changed on my morning run to get coffee. Yes you read that correctly. Some may do crunches after a good run, I give myself a calorie ridden, caffeinated treat. Because screw the rules, impulses are more satisfying.

However, today a change was felt. The perfect weather and the sunshine made everything, including my grouchy dog, immediately awesome. I suddenly felt like the coolest human that ever walked around like she owned Charleston. No more sweats, I was ready for my killer outfit. One that would announce to the world that I was feeling fabulous.

THAT is why Spring is the best month for Fashion, and we have put together the Spring essentials you need to give yourself that boost of personality and confidence to be your best self.

Mixing Stripes and Prints

Tribal Jewelry


Killer Shades

A pop of pink



The Crop Top


The little White Dress

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