Beach Essentials To Streamline Your Fun In The Sun

Beach Essentials To Streamline Your Fun In The Sun

A day at the beach is truly a luxury for the landlocked, but for this southern born and bred chic, a beach day is a weekend occurrence. Salty air and sandy feet are my magic remedies for all things stressful. The sound of crashing waves harmonizing with happy screams from my little girls instantly fills my soul with tranquil bliss. I can (and we often do) stay on the beach from breakfast to sunset, soaking up as much of the scents and sounds as humanly possible. Ok, enough sappy beach talk; let’s get down to business.

Not to brag, but the hubby and I have totally perfected one heck of an Epic beach day set up. From the tent, to the tunes, we have researched and tried countless coastal accessories in search of the best of the best. Whether you are traveling for a long beach week or posting up for the afternoon, I have found some must have items that will definitely streamline your set up and help you move from car to sand in one trip!

Let’s talk SHADE

This is the most important part of a proper beach set up for 2 reasons. 1. Obviously, you need some relief from the summer sun if you (and especially your little ones) are out on the beach for hours, so a tent of some sort is a must. 2. The tent needs to be large enough for your needs (ie: # of peeps) and it needs to be easily transportable from the car to the beach. For years we had a Coleman tailgating tent and it was awesome in terms of space, but was kind of a pain to set up. After weeks of research I am happy to report that we found the perfect tent! The NESO tent is my new obsession. It is portable, UPF 50+, water-resistant, and comes in 3 different sizes to accommodate your needs. Our NESO GRANDE tent in white is on its way, so I will definitely give you guys an update when it arrives!

From Point A to Point B

The long walk from the car to the beach is worse than a college walk of shame. You’re sweating, carrying chairs, coolers, tents, kids S***, while burning sand is scolding your feet as you search for an empty plot to set up. If this scenario sounds familiar, its time for me to introduce you to the BEACH WAGON. They aren’t super cheap but totally worth it! You can throw all your chairs, cooler, beach toys, even a kid or two and roll out! We actually bought 2 last year, but we have paired things down to one wagon, which makes the trip from the car even easier!

Keepin’ It Cool

Your cooler is by far the heaviest item to haul out to the beach, but we all know it gets lighter as the day goes on (haha). I am a huge fan of Yeti products, and although a little $$$, this company really elevates quality to a new level. My husband recently stumbled across a YETI BACKPACK COOLER . Poof, more space in our wagon has just appeared!

Safe from the “sogG”

Truth be told, this next beach gadget was my husband’s idea and I repeatedly mocked his enthusiasm for days. That is until I truly came to appreciate the efficiency of the SUB SAVER. Have you ever tried to eat a sub sand which that has been chilling in a cooler full of ice? Well, some creative genius has come up with this perfectly shaped plastic container that can keep your foot long ultra fresh. Bonus: your phone and other tech devices can easily fit in too to keep them safe from sand and water.

No shoes radio

No beach day is complete without some salty tunes. There are dozens of portable speakers around, but we have found that cheaper is not always better. The BEATS PILL by Dr. Dre is the best when it comes to size, and sound quality. Hint hint, this makes a great Father’s Day gift too! Oh, and I totally recommend Kenny Chesney’s No Shoes Radio on Sirius Satellite Radio!

Chillin’ like a villain

My beach bag is always filled with certain staples that keep this mamma happy while relaxing oceanside. A cute swimmy is priority one (can’t help my style obsessions ) and this seersucker striped bikini is my new go to beach uniform. Its sold right here at Beckett!! Moving on to my absolute second favorite beach day accessory of all time- the CORKCICLE cup. If you are in my neighborhood mommy group, you absolutely can’t “sit with us” unless you have your corkcicle in hand. It keeps your Rose chilled all day! Cute suit, refreshing drink, a fun mesh cap, and this beach beauty is ready for some chill time in the sun.


Vamos a la playa!!!!

xoxo- A

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