Beckett Babe’s 5 Favorite Things: August

Beckett Babe’s 5 Favorite Things: August

Break out your beach body, 4th of July is right around the corner! Oh wait….. Is it August already? Well… I guess there goes work-out / pro-surfer ambitions. FALSE. We can at least end the dog days of Summer 2017 with as many interesting activities and little happy treats as possible to keep those thoughts of Pumpkin Spice life at bay. For now.

Here are our Beckett Babe’s favorite things to indulge in for August.

1 –  A Laptop Case Worth Coveting 

That is art right?! Right! This Esty purchase was hand painted from the cutest artist/ shop of all time! It was also delivered in happy, thoughtful package. The little things in life….

This sucker has been at the store getting massive amounts of compliments and promptly replacing a laptop case that looked like it had been fished out of a 70’s cubicle. Adults can get fresh new office stuff too at the start of the school year! (and yes it is padded)

Find it HERE!

2 – Elevated Sweatshirts + Vintage Wash Denim 

Ok we did two things here technically… but we can’t get enough of both! Fall stuff is rolling in weather* (see what I did there) we like it or not. This year brings an influx of casual cool and we are here for it.

Sweatshirts are no longer something you sluggishly throw on on off days. This staple is getting a stylish twist to help your cute self transition when the weather finally does get a little chillier and now is the time to buy!

What can I say about vintage wash denim that hasn’t already been said…. joking, this isn’t a wedding toast, although it should be. This style/color is fantastic because it does two things in one – It both brightens with it’s lighter wash and adds a grounding element with a more rustic vintage-y feel.

3 – House Of 6 Interiors 

We could stare at this instagram feed for hours. So much so, that it took 20 mins to choose the best image for the blog! Every post is amazing and inspiring. We often joke in here that we are either obsessed with fashion or crushing on interior decor – consequently spending half our paychecks on either, but hey we work hard for it!

Feeds like this are soo fun because they change up their looks all the time while still remaining consistent in their vibe. Other great ones are @Kismet_house @houseupdated @whitneyleighmorris

4 – Up & Vanished Podcast 

This true crime podcast is CRAZY. We all got hooked and couldn’t stop theorizing about it. The podcast surounds a 10 year old cold case of a missing teacher and beauty pageant winner in Georgia. The most incredible thing is that it gets solved ! You will never guess the outcome and we are very glad that Tara Grinstead finally has justice.

Find it HERE.

5 –  The Ultimate Summer Saxophone Song 

We dare you not to blast this in the car, windows down, huge grin. Try it 😉


XOXOX – Beckett Team!!

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