Beckett Babe’s 5 Favorite Things: September

Beckett Babe’s 5 Favorite Things: September

We all need a few little things each day that bring us joy. While clothes and amazing outfits always bring happiness to Beckett, we are inspired by other joyous finds each month. Speaking of months, where did September go? From NY fashion week to football games to endless Fall Style greatness flooding the store, this month has flown by quicker than Paris Hilton’s attempt at a singing career. Before October rolls in with goblins and spider webs, let’s recap our top 5 faves from September.

1. mud cloth



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Meet the new shining star of the textile world. This Malian cotton fabric is literally dyed with mud, embellished with bleach, and left in the sun to dry for a week. Each pattern tells a story with the arrangement of symbols revealing a secret about the intended meaning. Mudcloth is popping up everywhere from jewelry to ottomans, to planters. The options are endless!

2. Blush & garnet

Take this year’s hottest hue and make it totally Fall! We can’t enough of mixing these two girly tones together for a soft, seasonal style that is both feminine and fresh. Both blush and garnet look great on every skin tone and can be worn with any shade of denim. If we could design team colors for our female fantasy football team, this combo would be the winner.

3. Sunwoven Textiles

If you are in the mood for some Insta- Eye Candy, then check out @sunwoven. Mostly know for her wall tapestries, this charleston based creative genius hand weaves all her art with unique designs and delectable color combos. Too amazing for just interiors, she has branched into designing handwoven tote bags. (psst: they are coming to Beckett very soon!!!!!)

4. Project runway season 16

Drama, fashion, and more drama: what’s not to love! Throw together some uber talented designers, a set of annoying twins, and Heidi Klum’s killer wardrobe, and you have a binge worthy show. The season is already well under way so (thanks to On Demand) you can pack in a couple addictive episodes at a time. New Episodes are on Thursdays at 9pm on Lifetime.

5. Forrest Bound Travel Bags!

We are crushing so hard on these @forestbound bags! How cute would you be traveling somewhere fabulous or even just home for Thanksgiving in these statement, yet easily paired bags. Grandma is going to be hella jealous. Here is the best news… you can grab yours at a locally owned store right down the street from Beckett – CannonBorough Collective (185 St. Philip St.)! Picture of CannonBorough’s super cute Insta below. Get yours before we buy them all.


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