Beckett Style Props You Can Find On Amazon!

Beckett Style Props You Can Find On Amazon!

Apparently Amazon is pushing it’s new trendy home decor selection. I know this because they keep shoving those advertisements at me on Facebook as I mutter under my breath, “you’ll never be Target…” and keep scrolling. I also have a real complex about giving large corporations my money. Recently though, a few items caught my attention and equally my surprise. I decided to check things out.

I STILL have not found those cute items that had caught my attention originally. Amazon’s interface is an eye sore to say the least – it took me five minutes just to find the home decor section! The only thing user friendly on Amazon’s website is that big red button saying “buy this now!”. Similar to that one time it tricked me out of $99 for a Prime membership when I have no conscious memory of deciding to purchase it. Woops!

Back to business… once I located the home decor section I was very surprised to find all the category’s cover photos were things we use at Beckett to style with daily, and consequently things customers ask about all. the. time. And, they were cheaper!

Of course once I clicked into it, they were nowhere to be found.. but for you, our lovely readers, I did some digging!

Please note, we have not actually purchased these items and do not know the quality!

1)  Gold Starbursts (on sale!)

We use these the most out of everything in this post. The ones we have were originally from West Elm 3 years ago, and can be hung on the wall. You can style them in a bookcase, hang them on the wall between two small paintings, or simply on your coffee table! They create the perfect textural visual comfort to bring your style vignette.


2) Fake Plants

If you follow our Instagram (@BeckettBoutique ;), you know we use these all over the store and in every photo! While I am all about adding real plants into your home, sometimes you need a little touch of green that lasts.

Vines HERE are similar to what we use.

Monstera HERE aka instagram superstar leaves. Great for tablescapes too!

Eucalyptus HERE  I like getting fresh ones from Trader Joes, but these are great around the holidays or in a styled mantle when you don’t want to keep replacing them!

Cutter Succulents HERE

3) Gold Hexagon Centerpiece (this one may be cooler than ours)

This is another great textural piece to add interest to your bookshelf, coffee table, you name it! This has been on our etageres since day 1. The one in the link comes in rose gold as well. Tres chic!


4) Marble Coasters

These are obviously adorable for your bar cart, but honestly I love them for displays! They would be oh so cute on a vanity or again, placed under a cute object on your styled bookshelf.

HERE is a larger marble trey thats beautiful as well!


5) Gold Round Mirror – $99 

I can’t believe the price on this! I don’t know about the gold finish on this comes out as quality, but I do know we bought ours for a small fortune. I think this could be a cute easy way to pop some style into an otherwise dull area!


Happy Finding!

XOXO – Chelsea



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