Blogger Spotlight: Meet Megan Stokes from Holy City Chic

Blogger Spotlight: Meet Megan Stokes from Holy City Chic

Charleston is quickly becoming a style playground for bloggers from all over the country, but one of our local homegrown style influencers is a force to be reckoned with. Behind her perfectly inviting smile, and ridiculously beautiful family, Megan Stokes is one of the most talented bloggers to emerge out of the Holy City. Her fresh, effortless approach to fashion combined with her honest portrayal of everyday “mom” life is what keeps her loyal followers thirsty for more. And yes, we at Beckett are definitely loyal followers of Megan who truly exudes beauty from the inside out. So, without further ado… meet out friend, Megan.


1) Tell me a little about yourself and why you started your blog.

I was finishing up my senior year at the College of Charleston when I decided I wanted something creative to do in my free time. I had only heard of about two blogs back then and thought it would be something fun to start myself. Fast forward to about years later and I’m still blogging! Throughout those seven years, I graduated with a degree in communications, married my high school sweetheart, bought a first home, then bought an old fixer upper that we’re renovating, and most recently, we had a baby! I also turned fun little blogging pastime into a career. A lot has changed since I started my blog, but the same simps passion I have for it has stayed exactly the same.

2) Name 5 pieces in your closet that you couldn’t live without.

1. A perfect pair of jeans. Make that a skinny pair and a pair of boyfriend jeans. (I guess that’s two things.)

2. A crisp white button down. It’s perfect for layering.

3. A pair of nude wedges. They make your legs look a mile long and here’s the big key—they’re comfortable, too.

4. A black shift dress. Wear it with slide on sneakers for a dressed down look or pumps to dress it up!

5. A blue and white striped tee. I think I wear mine every other day.

3) What are the top things on your wish list this year?

I’m all about the classics this season. I have plenty of white and blue tops on my wish list in crisp fabrics, like linen and poplin. Still searching for the perfect pair of white skinny jeans. That’s hard! Also on my list is a Goyard tote in a fun color like orange. Since having a baby, I’ve learned that totes are the only way to go.

4) Tell me something about the blogging world that most people don’t know.

That it’s an around the clock job. For example, a simple photo on a blog or instagram isn’t always as effortless as it seems. It usually requires shopping for the outfit, styling it, scouting a shoot location and taking the photos, editing, looking into analytics to find the best time to post, and then following up on contracts to make sure any necessary wording or hashtags are included in the text. I think bloggers give off a very carefree life and although it definitely comes with tons of perks, there’s a whole lot of work that is kept behind the scenes.

5) What is your favorite Charleston Springtime activity?

That’s easy. Just walking around downtown with my husband and baby, no doubt. I love everything about it—the smells, the warm feel to the air, the pastel colors of the old Charleston homes. It gives me so much inspiration. I also love popping into a coffee shop for an iced latte and grabbing a sweet treat, too!

A big Thank You to Megan for being our muse for the day! You make Beckett style come to life! Be sure to follower her at and @holycitychic. (All these pieces are available for purchase at Beckett).

xoxo- A

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