Boo! How to confront your Fashion Fears

Boo! How to confront your Fashion Fears

You may be too old to be spooked by ghosts and goblins, but we all have a little fear inside when it comes to certain fashion statements. After years of dressing ourselves, we all have a pretty good handle on what looks make us shine and what looks do not. However, most of us adopt a strict policy of fashion no-nos that have been instilled in us from Mom, bestie, or crazy Aunt Sally. Now is the time to throw all your caution to the wind and push some boundaries.

As we are ever changing women, our styles need to evolve in tandem. Knowing what looks good on you is important, but exploring into new territory is paramount in creating updated looks each season. From trying a new silhouette in denim, to wearing a color that your mom said would never “become you”, you can face your fashion fears head on and turn some heads in the process.

So put down that Halloween candy (I know, I can’t stop either) and take a minute to think about what fashion trends spook you. Here are a few “boogie men” that we know send shivers down the spines of some women…

Fashion Fear: Wearing bold colors

So many woman shy away from bold colors.  Whether is the fear of standing out too much, or simply not sure of what color looks best with certain skin tones, so many of us gravitate toward neutrals (totally guilty of this myself). Try a bold accessory or a cropped jacket for a punch of color that will spice up a look.

Fashion Fear:  Mixing Prints

Don’t be afraid…mixing prints is not as hard as you may think. Take a stripe tee and pair it with a printed skirt, or take plaid shirt and mix with another print in the same color family. This amazing dress from L’agence does all the work for you!

Fashion Fear: High Waisted Jeans

Not your typical “Mom” jean anymore! High waisted jeans are all the rage this season. Not only do they give you a trim and slim silhouette, they make your legs look endless. Try the fashion editor “half tuck” with your favorite blouse, or pair with a longer fitted top for a “muffin-top free” look.

Fashion Fear: Dressing a little sexy

Once you exit your 20’s, channeling your inner sexy goddess can sometimes be challenging. We all want to feel feminine and pretty without crossing over the line of inappropriate. Off the shoulder looks this season are the perfect way show some skin while keeping all the necessary parts covered up.

Fashion Fear: Lace in the daytime

Lace is taking over the fashion scene these days, and not just for evening. Your grandma may roll over in her grave, but lace is OK for daytime. Pair a lace top with a more causal jean for the perfect lunch-with-friends look.


What Fashion Fears will you conquer this week? Come and trick-or-treat at Beckett for some new looks this season!

🙂 A (…with the help of all my Beckett Babes)

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