Fabulous Looks From Charleston Fashion Week

Fabulous Looks From Charleston Fashion Week

Let’s cut to the chase – IT’S CHARLESTON FASHION WEEK! Every year, I’ve watched people in beautiful, designer outfits sip on champagne in the white tents from afar, but this year was different. Not only did I attend fashion week, I had the opportunity to sit in the second row. I was inches away from gorgeous, innovative apparel created by emerging designers and local boutiques.

I won’t lie – I was a bit of a fish out of water at the events. I’m a journalist who was picked to contribute to a fashion blog and cover fashion week. I feel like Andy from “The Devil Wears Prada,” except the gals from Beckett are literal angels compared to Miranda Priestly. Still, some aspects of the fashion world are a little odd to me. For example, the weather during this year’s Fashion Week was super chilly, so of course, everyone broke out their fur coats. However, it appears that fashionistas don’t know how to wear coats, but only how to drape them over their shoulders delicately. Another odd experience – a photographer sitting next to me was hired by a blogger to sit directly across from her and snap hundreds of pictures. Yeah, you read that right. A 20-something-year-old blogger paid someone to follow her around like paparazzi. I felt like I was in a twilight zone – but a very fabulous one, at that. All of the characters at the events only added to the excitement and chaos that is CFW, and it was refreshing to see outfits that reflected each person’s unique personality and personal story.

Here’s an exclusive peak at some of Fashion Week’s most fabulous looks:

Someone give this girl an award for being the only person to correctly wear a coat! The ombre effect on the fur coat was beautiful, and was complimented by her ombred hair. The black jeans and shoes are simple and pair nicely with the statement piece. When I asked where she got her coat, she said, “I got it from my boyfriend’s mom… Just say it’s vintage, that sounds better!”

Fittingly, I found this stunning Lilly Pulitzer dress in the Lilly Pulitzer Belk tent. In person, the all white dress was pristine and eye-catching. I loved the lacey texture and delicate sleeves, and the small cut-out adds a modern twist to the classic gown.

These bright, colorful earrings were perfect!

This dress is a collaboration of vibrant colors and playful textures. The soft pink tassel earrings were the perfect amount of accessories for this busy dress. If you love this look, you’re in luck – we have this dress in a size large at Beckett, ON SALE!

The print of this dress was simple and contemporary, and the tie at the waist was extremely flattering. However, my favorite part of this look was her sunglasses! So chic and bold.

Heartbreaker is right. I’m obsessed with these loose fitted pants and the matching, soft pink blazer. Her half bun was adorable, and added some attitude to an already edgy look.

Three words: This. Freaking. Coat.

I love pants with a great print almost as much as I love fur vests. She pieced together three separate items so nicely. Props to her for taking a more thought-out approach than just throwing on a cocktail dress.

I’ll let the draped jacket slide on this one – this was my favorite look! I love everything from the loose pants, to the leather jacket, to the hat.

After seeing all the gorgeous looks that walked down the runway on top of all the amazing outfits worn by those in the audience, I was really inspired. If you are too – don’t worry, there’s still a chance to bask in the expressive and eclectic Charleston Fashion Week. Friday night, Marion Square will host the Rock The Runway show, and the Fashion Finale is Saturday night.

Get out there and enjoy the end of Fashion Week!

Xoxo K.N

P.s. Cotton candy anyone???

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