Hip Pandora Stations and the outfits they inspire

Hip Pandora Stations and the outfits they inspire

There is no better feeling than hearing a song for the first time. Chills run up your arm, the corners of your mouth turn up, and you slowly begin to bob your head up and down as you take in the pulsing beats of your soon-to-be favorite jam. Music brings joy, evokes emotion, and sets the tone of the moment. Music is magical. It controls the room, demands attention, and has serious mood altering powers. No matter where we are, music is always in the background. From your morning coffee shop, to your car, inside your office, at home, music is the life force in the background of all our lives.

Cheers to modern technology for making all genres of music easily accessible. I myself, am a Pandora fan. It’s free, its easy to use and I take great pride in finding new stations that pump through the speakers at Beckett. Seriously, we have a little war amongst employees battling to find the hippest most obscure station. This week, we have banned together to come up with 6 Pandora stations that everyone (in our opinion) should be listening to immediately if not sooner. I personally listened to each station to gain some fashion inspo. Every song transported me to a moment in time as I pictured myself dining with friends, chilling at home, or simply in my car. I must say, my creative juices were flowing with abundance as I imagined the who, what, and wheres of each station. In my world this week, music inspired fashion… Enjoy!

1. The kat dahlia station

This modern R & B meets Hip Hop station radiates feminine edginess. The beats are fresh and new and infusion with an electric rhythm that will leave you wanting more. Picture yourself getting pumped up for a night out with friends or psyching yourself up for a good workout.

2. dj kygo

I give this station 2 giant thumbs up! Totally my kind of music… mostly because it makes me think of vacation (and who doesn’t always want to plan the next vaca). It has an Americanized Island feel with modern beats that are both soothing and sexy. Love, Love LOVE!

3. marcus marr & chet faker

This is our Go-To station at Beckett. This station is filled with electric beats and interesting remixes of old favorites. If you close your eyes, you are immediately transported to a hip and happening restaurant sipping on a proud mixologist’s (formally know as bartender) creation.

4. dr. dog

Hang up your twinkle lights, set your reclaimed wood table, and serve your farm-to-table meal to your impeccably dressed friends as you take in the jams of artists such as Dan Auerbach, Dr. Dog, and Houndmouth. This station is made for the wine filled dinner party with your favorite peeps.

5. Lake Street Dive

It’s Sunday morning, you made the perfect latte, the sun is peeking through the shutters, and (in may case) the kids are sleeping in… this is the station you turn on. It has mix of oldies from Eta James & Van Morrison, to new smooth beats from artists such as Hozier .

6. Chappo

Grab your Le Specs and hit the road. This station has “road trip” written all over it. It has a punky new age, hipster vibe with awesome variety. I could literally listen to this station for hours and never get bored.


Hope this helps revive your personal Pandora collection, as well as inspire you to come by Beckett and shop out latest styles.

until next time…

🙂 A

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