Hostesses, Rejoice! These Poolside party tips are sure to impress

Hostesses, Rejoice! These Poolside party tips are sure to impress

The art of party planning is either a welcomed pastime or a dreaded nightmare. I myself, love planning get togethers big or small. While my ideas are sometimes larger than my wallet, I thrive on the challenge of creating something magical on any budget. From bite size kids birthdays to crazy detailed fashion shows, party planning is all about the overall vibe you set and the small details that give personality to your soiree. After planning an adorable “Poolside with Pizza” party for my little 4yr old, I became obsessed with Pinterest Boarding all things associated with throwing a killer poolside bash.

I don’t always get to indulge the “Adults Only” side of life, so sometimes my glamorous daydreams take on a life of their own. While going down a research worm hole (which happens way to often), I discovered some amazing items that would make an unforgettable luxe poolside party. Think Hamptons in July with a salt water pool and tanned celebrities lounging on giant floats. Yes, this is my daydream inspiration for the post. Here are some of my favorite ideas. Enjoy!

1. The plush setting

The soft, relax-vibe is a key element to take a boring cement platform and transform it to a lounging oasis. Mix and match outdoor pillows to add pattern and color and use serving trays and garden stools as tables so guests can nosh and sip in comfort and luxury.

Add a basket of towels for a Exclusive Country Club feel, and anything with a Palm print is a total MUST!

Palm Pillow sold here!

Garden Stool sold here!


2. The Float

This seasons most popular poolside accessory is definitely the oversized float for grown ups. My favorite ones are shown above and are currently for sale (and 50% off!) at

3. Rose in a can

Can I just say, this is genius. It’s “poolside practical” (no glass) and it is so cute and trendy that it truly makes my instagram-obsessed self so so so happy. I just purchased these adorable cans, and they are as tasty as they are cute! Buy here.

Flamingo Straws

And for all your other guests that may need something a little stronger than Rose, you should have some fabulously adorable cups for cocktails and fun straws (matching your color scheme of course).

4. Speaking of something stronger…

This delicious concoction combines my two summer favorites: pina coladas and margaritas. Your guests will thank you, promise! Recipe Here



Here’s a little sneak peek into my little poolside birthday for the cutest 4yr old you have ever seen 🙂

Go forth and Party On!!!!  Happy Summer 🙂

xoxo- A

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