How Dressing Playfully Can Increase Your Overall Well-Being

How Dressing Playfully Can Increase Your Overall Well-Being


Listing all the benefits of Play is like listing the available flavors in an ice cream shop and then allowing you to have them all, THEM ALL, without consequence. That includes the flavor in which someone decided to chuck in giant hunks of cookie dough for added diabolical measure.

Play or being playful has been proven to (insert voice of Arby’s commercial “we have the meat” guy): Relieve Stress, Improve Brain Function, Boost Creativity, Improve Relationships, and Keep You Feeling Young, and Energetic.

Throw out all your expensive face creams, it seems like being a playful adult could be the answer to every life problem, including growing old, wrinkly, and boring. However, that first antidote, relieving stress, is the one that got me particularly interested in exploring deeper.

While many believe I have the dream job, and you won’t hear me raising a peep to contradict that, it does come with a cement-like pile of stress. Not daily stress necessarily, but the deep lingering knot of constant worry that comes with raising a child – a.k.a my business.

Any further proof of this can be found on my chin every morning. My previously flawless – ok maybe not flawless but pretty damn good – skin has now been exclusively breaking out on the chin area. I mean breaking out in the sense that I frequently scare people I work with. A quick google search made clear to me, after expensive serums failed, that this was a stress related problem.

How would a fashion obsessed girl make an concerted effort to combat life stress by being more playful? She would start an ice cream business! ….. Hell no. She would start actively bringing herself into a playful mindset by embodying it in her clothing and daily self expression.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to dress playfully and therefore start your day in a happy mindset, without looking like clown.

                    Tie bow, Take on world 


It is amazing how a bow + a messy pony or bun can just take the years right off. Run to your left over holiday wrapping because even Siena Miller made this her red carpet secret to never aging.

            Layer Accessories To The Tenth Degree


Pro Tip – Just like playing around in your mom’s closet, pile on those accessories! Just keep them in the same color family so things look more deliberate and less like you want to watch the world burn.

Sneaks with a sundress. Pops of blush.

Repeat this montra to yourself every morning. Sneakers are IN. They are finally in, and the world of comfort and cool are yours for the taking. Go forth and take it all. Pairing them with a elevated sundress keeps this look casual and practical. Clearly playing in the sandbox will ensue.

Pro Note – Does you closet resemble a full spectrum of purely black tones? Well you’re not alone, I hear this in the store almost weekly. Enter blush, your pal, your best friend. Blush keeps a darker look fun and approachable and when applied to sneakers? I have yet to find an outfit that blush sneaks didn’t look cute with.


Bright Polish Keeps You Looking At The World Through Cotton Candy Colored Glasses


Stripes baby stripes!

Don’t ask me too many questions on this one, but for some reason stripes are synonymous with fun. Throw in some layers and zany ( I have been waiting to use that word all post!) glasses and you are ready to get into some mischief. In this case mischief managed – we got a shot of free cuban coffee from the cool dude and this amazing food truck across the street – Gypsy Pantry.

Get A little costume-y

The ruffles are a no brainer for a pop of fun, but never one to lean too preppy, I made this look feel like J-Crew went on barbie safari. I imagine it was a good time.


Whatcha pointing at? 😉


Thank you! If you want to try dressing a little more playful next week let us know how it worked for you!

A* And I are thinking we may take this post a step further, buy some ridiculously fun but crazy things, wear them, and seeing what happens to our mindset/mood that week.

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