How To Be The Badass Belle Of The Ball

How To Be The Badass Belle Of The Ball

Once upon a time, there lived a dainty princess, waiting in a tower for a prince to save her…To quote queen Cher, “As if!”

Let’s admit it, for a really long time, Disney loved to portray women as frail damsels who constantly needed to be rescued/kissed/awakened by a, usually bland, pretty boy. Recently, it seems like Disney has realized that they’ve grossly underestimated the power of women in the past, and are ready to place feminism in films. Popular Disney films like “Moana” and “Frozen” have centered around heroines who don’t have love interests. Now, I know what you’re thinking, What?! How do these pretty ladies survive without strong men around? I mean, all Snow White had to do was not eat an apple – and she couldn’t even do that! She fell into a death-like sleep and could only be awakened by a prince’s kiss. Blah blah blah.

Disney’s recently released live action remake of “Beauty and the Beast” is giving everyone a new type of female lead. Emma Watson, everyone’s favorite Hogwarts hero turned real-life Ivy League graduate, plays Belle. In the film, Belle is beautiful and kind while also intelligent and brave. Watson’s portrayal of Belle is perfect because it shows women that they can be strong and maintain their femininity.

As women, we don’t have to choose between being feminine or bold, so why should we with our clothing? In honor of “Beauty and the Beast,” I decided to re-imagine the classic image of the Disney princess. While we all would like to get dressed up and attend a ball (instead of binge watching “This Is Us”), personally, I’d rather be the unique center of attention than someone’s quiet arm-candy. With that in mind, we gave a modern, feminist twist to fairy-tale inspired ensembles.

Welcome to wardrobe wonderland:

This piece gives the traditional ball gown a run for its money! The dress is very sleek, and the pleated trumpet skirt elevates it to a new level of trendiness. The contrast between the blue knot necklace and red clutch really transforms the look into a sexy, fun-yet-sophisticated outfit.

This dress is the perfect marriage of ladylike and daring. The traditional, southern-style dress is made even softer by its delicate pattern. The black and white color scheme keeps the dress simple while tassels add a playful and modern aspect. The top, which ties behind the neck, boldly leaves a little skin showing in the front, and is open in the back. By adding tassels and showing skin, this gown it taken from wall-flower to show-stopper. (Side note: there is nothing more slimming than a long dress that comes in right under the bust line).

In a very Belle-like fashion, I opted to accessorize with a book instead of a clutch. Whether you prefer reading or shopping, a red element adds a great pop of color and contrasts nicely with this look. The simple, denim sundress is softened by the large bow and hat. The bright accessories and gold, spiked wrap bracelet add a bold twist to a feminine look. This is an easy, great outfit that is more suitable for brunch than a ball!

This dress takes the off-the-shoulder look you’d find at a fancy ball and adds a sexy edge. For this look, we added a multi-colored bag to the black dress, which brings a contemporary feel to the outfit. We also added yellow, dangling earrings which proved to be a beautiful statement piece in person. The bag, black color, and earrings paired with a high bun take this dress out of a fairy-tale and into the 21st century.


Ah – this was my absolute FAVORITE! The off-the-shoulder corset top accentuated my curves nicely, and the pretty sleeves reminded me of little teacups (maybe I’m just obsessed with Chip from “Beauty and the Beast”). Pairing the top with a long, blush tulle skirt was a bit of a risk, but it definitely paid off. The long tulle was loudly feminine and elegant, and the the checkered bag and sunglasses modernized it with an element of chicness. The result is a look that is strong, soft, and very fashion-forward. Most of all, this look is unique.

I enjoyed working on this blog so much because it allowed me to live in my imagination, and wear outfits that made me feel fabulously different.

Don’t be a wallflower, and don’t dress like one either! Get inspired by your favorite stories and fairy-tales, and bring those magical elements into your reality through fashion (though maybe leave the glass slippers in fantasy-land, I feel like they’d break easily).

Stop by Beckett and you’ll live happily ever after…The End! (until next week).


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