How To Dress Like You Have A Summer Home In Nantucket

How To Dress Like You Have A Summer Home In Nantucket

Hey everyone! Quick question – do you ever take on a whole new persona depending on the outfit you’re wearing, or is it just me? Admit it – when we wear ripped jeans we feel edgier, more hardcore. When we wear flared jeans, we feel more in touch with our hippie side. And when we wear bold sunglasses we feel like divas (no pictures, please). So, naturally, when I saw all the new items in Beckett this week, three words came to mind: Nantucket vacation home.

Nantucket-style to me is the blending of preppy and sophisticated, with a dash of nautical. Currently, Beckett is overflowing with so many wearable pieces that pop off the shelves with their Springtime pallet. The collaboration of navy, blush and cream on our racks seem to be specifically designed for a Nantucket fashionista. Personally, the first time I wore our new clothing, I imagined myself walking down the cobblestone driveway of my beautiful island estate, gazing at the pool boy and the sailboats in the distance. Then my microwave beeped and my hot pocket was ready. Dare to dream, I guess.

This post is for the dreamer in all of us. Even if you don’t own a Summer home in Nantucket, you can sure as hell be the woman who looks like she does.

Off-The-Shoulder & On-The-Go

The lace detailed blouse with straight, dark denim really creates an effortless looking ensemble. We paired the nautical navy top with a beautiful blush bag, resulting in a timeless look. This outfit is a breath of fresh air.

Bold Blush

This ruffle top is light and bright in all the right ways. When wearing a bold top like this, opt for basic jeans and accessories so that you’re wearing the outfit – and not vice versa!

Beware: Pop Of Color Ahead

Obviously, this light sweater dress screams Nantucket. However, adding the bright orange necklace elevates the classic, striped dress to a stylish ready-to-wear masterpiece.

Timeless With A Twist

The fringe on the top and unique necklace bring texture to an otherwise classic outfit with clean, straight lines. The light blue and white combo keep this look fresh yet sophisticated.

Fun, Flirty, & Functional

My personal favorite – gold sophisticated jewelry brings a nice balance to the young, fun colors of this dress. The look could be dressed-up with heels and jewelry or dressed-down with a nice jean jacket. Either way, a messy bun keeps things casual and keeps the eye moving so that the whole outfit can be truly appreciated.

Even if you have no plans of owning a Summer home in Nantucket, the person passing you on the street doesn’t know that. Fake it till you make it. What you wear leaves an impression on those you meet. So, ask yourself every day: What does my outfit say about me? At the very least, it’s fun to be imaginative. Dream on.

Until next time, loves! -K.N.

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