How To Embrace Pre-Fall When It Is Still a Sauna Out There

How To Embrace Pre-Fall When It Is Still a Sauna Out There

Every fashionista worth her salt knows that some of the best Fall styles come in the pre-fall delivery, which hits right when your still sippin’ on Gin and Juice on that giant cupcake float – July & August!

I will give you the first and most important style tip right up front because I am generous like that. Light textures with darker more demure fall colors are where its at. While this may seem simplistic, a Charlestonian will back me up when I say it is not an easy line to balance on.

Here in tropical Charleston we have the unique problem of heat and humidity following us right up until winter. As was the case last year when we were swapping santa suites for bathing suites during the holidays. It is imperative to hunt out and know how to style this darker pallet/ light material combination when it hits the store floors and luckily for you Beckett has specialized in this and thrown in our fave style tips!


I love playing with tones and layering shades. It works for interior design and go figure, it is awesome in fashion. To do this you need three shades in the same color category. Start with one fairly less intense neutral tone on the color wheel (it is much more difficult to start with an electric blue) and bring in one piece in that is lighter on the same color scale, and one piece that is darker…. Magic! Here we made the base color this beautiful ice grey top then went lighter with the white denim and down the scale with a black accent. Going tonal for your pre – fall style helps mix in both the light of Summer with the grounding darker Fall tones.
P.S. Our L’Agence tops are that perfect light weight Fall piece. The blouses feel like breezy silky clouds and come in an array of buttery colors.


Light Summer KNits in Fall tones

Now I am certainly not encouraging a knit, even a Summer one, in 100 degree July heat, but they hit the floor now and when you start to feel that Fall crisp come in this guy is going to be your new best friend. Everything about this outfit is bright and sunshine, but pair it with a Summer knit in that beautifully rich amber color and you have Fall style baby! Or maybe you just have style period.


Grey Denim!

While I say give me all the white there is, even after labor day, I know some of you are adverse to the concept particularly in denim. These McGuires are your answer. Like the first L’agence top they are an ice grey. It is such a light shade of grey that style wise it basically acts like a white – anything goes with it for the most part – but incorporates a nod to Fall. What is grey after all but a mix of white and black. You are quite welcome for that Kindergarten wisdom for the day. I am consistently at Beckett if you ever want more.


A Summer Sun Dress in a deeper tone

I will spare you from using the words light weight again, you get the idea! Deeper colors + lighter textures. Instead, I wonder how early pumpkin spice life will be pushed at us this year. I am going to bet it starts August 1st.


Don’t be afraid to layer!

Red and grey go together like Game of Thrones and sexy british actors. It is rare to see shorts in a fall tone but we have em and they will last you through October in the south! I layered the grey under summer lace to mix the two seasons.


 Maxin around in Emerald

Your Summer Maxi in a beautiful deep jewel tone. Doesn’t get more pre-fall than this!

We have a fabulous mix of pre-fall getups for planning ahead and easy breezy summer pieces to wear now! Call or E-mail to find out more about something you loved. Thanks! – C



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