How To Incorporate Edgy Elements Into Your Outfit

How To Incorporate Edgy Elements Into Your Outfit

Who says a woman can’t be feminine and edgy at the same time? It’s no secret that the contemporary look is in right now – and no, I’m not referring to Kanye West’s wannabe-contemporary fashion line of beige bodysuits. I’m talking about bold accessories, leather jackets and earth tones. Now, some people are hesitant to embrace this modern trend, and prefer the preppy, floral print, pastel-shaded side of life. There’s nothing wrong with that, but why should we have to choose one style or another? Personally, I love to add an edgy component to an otherwise soft and girly look. Sometimes all you need is to add a pair of ripped jeans to an elegant top to give off the “A lady never starts fights, but she can finish them” type of vibe. Maybe it’s because I’m still on an edgy-kick from last week’s  Classic Rock blog, but I felt compelled to show readers how to add the right amount of attitude to any pretty outfit; because being a diva also means being powerful (no matter how pretty you look). If you incorporate a few of these easy tips into your wardrobe, you’ll be turning heads and breaking hearts in no time.

Tell Me About It, Stud

Since the dawn of time, people have been throwing leather jackets over more sophisticated outfits to dress them down. Leather jackets shift the overall style of an outfit, creating a contemporary look. Everyone needs a good, basic leather jacket hanging in their closet, because it can pull any outfit together. Even though the jacket completes and elevates the look, it doesn’t overshadow the elegance of the white gown. This outfit is basically the love-child of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean.

p.s. A pair of cheetah print sunglasses add boldness to this great look!


One of our favorite trends at Beckett is the sneakers with a dress pairing! Try taking a dress that you would usually wear with sandals or heels and slip on some sneakers instead. The juxtaposition creates a very urban, NYC look. The beauty of owning a form flattering dress like this one is that you can dress it up with jewelry and heels or dress it down with sneakers. Overall, it’s best to rock a pair of kicks with a simple dress. Not to mention, this type of outfit is sexy yet comfortable!

Crochet All Day Every Day

Crochet tops are rising in popularity. They’re casual and edgy, yet also beautifully detailed. The crochet brings fun texture and patterns to an otherwise basic outfit. This relaxed yet fitted crochet top, like most, cuts off right at the waistline, so if you pair it with flare jeans, you are bound to end up with a flattering silhouette.

Damsel in Distress(ed Jeans)

If you’re in the mood to bring some attitude to a sweet and sophisticated top, just add some ripped jeans! The the straight lines of these skinny jeans work well to balance out the loose fitting top. The off-the-shoulder detailing combined with the distressed jeans show a little skin in all the right places. Paired with a bold and sophisticated necklace, this look is the perfect combination of sassy and sweet.

Crop It Like It’s Hot

Crop tops and high-waisted skirts/pants are the contemporary trend of the moment. The way the skirt lands above the hips and leaves a small area of skin exposed below the bust line results in a very form flattering outfit. The textured, fun skirt is a nice feminine touch, while the simple black crop top and ponytail keep the eye moving. We paired gold spiked and wrap bracelets with the look to add some glamorous flare!

There you have it. Add a few contemporary pieces to your closet and give your outfit an edgy twist whenever you’re in the mood.

Hit the streets and flaunt it!


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