How to Pretend You Are Rocking Out At Coachella

How to Pretend You Are Rocking Out At Coachella

If you are like me then you obsessively follow a huge amount of style bloggers, a handful of celebs, and a selection of favorite stores (cough cough follow @BeckettBoutique immediately if not sooner) on all forms of social media.

I must admit that I have even started to observe these people’s lives on Snapchat. This last and newest habit can be a little disheartening when the entire cast of Pretty Little Liars is now practicing live action duck faces on my phone. Even worse, when la boyfriend has to ask why I am still watching it.

However, social media, and especially Snapchat, has provided me with something I find extremely humorous recently – an absolute ONSLAUGHT of these chic socialites renting out giant houses with even more extravagant pools so they may party in style at a music festival called Coachella. I am sure you have heard of it.

I really adore all things music festival, which makes not being there suck very much.  Worse, is having to watch the who’s who rub elbows in VIP with nothing but pasties and heels – good God woman, who wears 5 inch heels to dance for hours! Their captions include such gems as: “bohemian goddesses!!!! #coffee #vibes #liveyourlife!”…………. nope, nooo, negative, cover up the goods.

So in this week’s blog post I will give you only the best ways to prance around in your well-styled underwear pretending to be at Lateafternoonblog’s after party from the comfort your own living room! I know, you’re welcome.

In all seriousness I hope these outfits channel everything we love about music and the freedom of music festivals in an easy and wearable (sometimes) way!










The ultimate jazz babe


Stone Cold Fox + charms



dangles that dance with you


Dessert Queen #coachella


Pool Party Perfect


see you at the phish show!


Don’t forget your pasties 😉 

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Thanks! – C

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