Living the Lux Life: Cocktail Dresses and Home Decor Unite

Living the Lux Life: Cocktail Dresses and Home Decor Unite

Fashion – Home, Fashion – Home…. My obsessions switch back and forth from these two daily. I literally alternate from home stuff to fashion inspirations so frequently that I swear I give my computer browser whiplash. Couches – Cashmere, Chandeliers – Cocktail dresses, paint color – jean color… this can go on for hours. After careful analyzation of my Home vs Closet flip-flop love affair, I realize that the two genres really do influence one another. The color palette I am gravitating toward for Fall clothing, is (not so) oddly similar to the color of the amazing sectional I am eyeing at West Elm. Going a step further, I have noticed (through hours of scientific research, haha) that other peoples homes match their clothing too (see, its not just me). I often find myself browsing and drooling over all the rooms on,, and (all featured below) and I love to imagine the glamorous lady who is lounging on the chaise after the camera crew exits. I always picture her slightly overdressed to be at home in an ultra-chic cocktail dress.

With 2 Fall weddings on my horizon, finding the perfect cocktail dress is definitely on my radar. Sooooo, I thought I would have a little fun with this post and showcase my fave Beckett cocktail dresses (all of which I am eyeing for myself) and the home decor that best matches the personalty of the dress. What is more luxurious than a killer dress and an impeccably styled home… Enjoy!

The room: Cool tones, Clean lines

The Look: the ice princess

*shop necklace at bottom of page*

the room: feminine OPULENCE

The look: “stop um dead in their tracks…”

The Room: modern glam

the look: Lovely in lace

*shop necklace at bottom of page*

The room: Rustic royalty

The look: bohemian goddess ready for date night!

The room: white washed traditional with a twist

The look: not your mom’s “little black dress”

Whether Home Improvement or style updates are on your radar, I hope this post serves as inspiration to live the Lux Life once in a while. So throw on your favorite cocktail dress (or come to Beckett and buy a new one!) and dance around your living room feeling fabulous!

Until we meet again… 🙂 A



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