My latest obsession: white shirts, like everyday

My latest obsession: white shirts, like everyday

I recently read an article about a woman who desperately wanted to simplify her life, so she chose to wear the same outfit to work every day for a year. As an art director at a high powered ad agency, this lady had the freedom to wear whatever she wanted, but often found herself struggling to find the most appropriate look for each day.  That anxiety drove her to adopting this radical strategy of wearing the same thing day after day. Her uniform of choice; 15 silk white shirts and a few black trousers.  I know, to some of you this sounds boring and void of any self expression, but there is some power behind a great white top. It is the perfect blank canvas and can be classic, bohemian, preppy, or edgy. The possibilities are endless.

As a champion of personal expression through style, I do not necessarily encourage wearing the same exact outfit every day. However, I do believe that every one should create a signature look, and that can easily be accomplished by adopting a fave item (ie: a white blouse). For the sake of argument (and research) I have decided to pick my 7 favorite white tops from my wardrobe and style a different white look for every day of the week.  I am beyond excited to feel the liberation of not having to decide what to put on in the morning. With crazy kids running around, breakfast to make, gym back to pack, picking out the perfect outfit is sometimes an insurmountable task. Let my “white week” begin…

Want to take the “white blouse” challenge yourself? Here are my top picks from Beckett that are sure to boost your white top arsenal. Let me know if you see any you can’t live without!

The Classic white tee. A must have in every closet

Layer your whites

The Boho blouse

A funky knit…simple, yet edgy

The sophisticated crop top

Eyelet summer tunic

Pair your white with a pop of color

Stop by Beckett to try anything seen here!

Have a great Weekend.



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