My Secret Tip to streamline your personal style this Fall…

My Secret Tip to streamline your personal style this Fall…

Simplify. That is the name of the game in my life. My goal: to look like I have it all together with little to no effort. The reality: I am spread way too thin and if I remember deodorant then its a good day. In a perfect world, I can step into my closet, grab a couple items, throw them on, and head out the door looking Paparazzi ready. We all know it is not that easy. Some days I stare at my clothes so long and hard that I think they are going to come to life and speak to me (if only they would tell me what the heck to wear!!!) However, I think I have a solution to taking the guess work out of putting together a killer outfit.

As woman who wears many hats throughout the day, I have found that the easiest way to appear well styled is to streamline my purchases. I have chosen my favorite color palette for this season, and I am only buying pieces that fit into my “pantone color card” for Fall 2016. My theory is that if all my favorite items work together in the same complementary color family, styling new and inventive outfits with be much easier. This season is all about monochromatic layering (my speciality, if I do say so myself), and keeping colors unified in your closet is like layering with training wheels.

I have chosen 5 colors to work with this Fall: Rose Quartz, Dark Green, Apricot, Cream, and Light Gray. All these colors work well with denim, so my jeans and t-shirt lifestyle is not in jeopardy. These colors lend themselves to fresh cool tone pairings such as gray and blush, and gray and cream. The apricots and greens are my colors POPS when I want to add some unexpected combos in my layering masterpieces.

Here are a few of my favorite items at Beckett that work perfectly in my Pantone Perfection for this season. I experimented with layering different textures and colors to bring my new color palette to life.

Light pink, Apricot pop, Gray accessory

Creams and Oilive Green

Light gray, dark cream


Blush pink monochromatic layering

Pale Olive Green

Pale pink layered over Pale Green

Light Gray, Apricot Pop

What color palette will you choose this season?

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