My Top Finds From Etsy

My Top Finds From Etsy

Well hello there everyone! Want to know a close-to-the-vest secret?

I am addicted to the shopping hunt. Not necessarily pulling the trigger and purchasing, but the hunt itself – finding all those special little goodies. Alright so you probably already guessed that secret given my chosen profession… but I am here to share all my finds with the World Wide Web, because that is the internet I signed up for.

Enter Etsy. It is a jungle out there folks. Here you can find something beautifully crafted and soulfully handmade next to your grandma’s cat china with panted human faces. Why people? Why?!

It takes guts, it takes courage, and it takes down right determination. I present to you all the awesomeness on my current wish list!

Matchstick cuteness – Because who can ever light the bottom half of a candle amiright? 

Bought this little guy for myself! I seriously use it as a clutch to add a cute metallic pop and keep clutter to a minium .

Thanks!! – CK*

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