Neutrals: How To Wear Them, How To Love Them.

Neutrals: How To Wear Them, How To Love Them.

Sure a neutral outfit is vanilla – that is, if your definition of vanilla is a quiet sophistication that commands the respect and attention of every room you walk into… totally my definition.

Wearing a well-styled, neutral outfit is like telling the world that today you are confident in who you are without having to shout it so the neighbors can hear. Who you are in this style, is a woman who wakes up in the morning in a bed draped in cool-toned stonewashed linens then heads to a pristine white balcony overlooking a glinting Nantucket coast line – all while sipping from a steaming cup of French pressed coffee that an exceptionally toned man-friend crafted for you.

I know what you’re thinking – if an outfit styled entirely in neutral tones gets you all that, you will take 19 please! I can’t hand you an ice cream cone and a Nantucket coast line, but I can promise that this combo with its clean lines, solid brights, and simplistic textures, will evoke a calm and comfortable nature, if not the confidence described above…

Get the vibe by following a few steps:

1) Keep it simple and bright – brightness seems to make everything more fresh feeling and happy doesn’t it? No crazy prints, outliers, or bold statements.

2) Add interest with texture and/or one understated pop of color. This helps balance the simplicity making your outfit more aesthetically pleasing.

3) Play with lines and shapes! Having the element of color gone, means there is greater emphasis on form. Pair a wide leg pant with a top that has a higher neck. This keeps the eye moving and elongates your body.

See the neutral looks we styled below for some outfit inspo. All available at Beckett!





Wide legs adds emphasis on form


Playing with contrast & form 



nude, ivory, and bone



textured denim and a clean white vest

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