Nutritious Eateries That Won’t Break Your January Resolutions

Nutritious Eateries That Won’t Break Your January Resolutions



Hey there! I am “K.N.” and am so excited to be joining the Beckett blogging team! A few fun facts about myself: 1) I consider anything below 60 degrees to be absolutely freezing. 2) I collect vinyl and have an obsession with classic rock. 3) Sushi > than all other food. 


It’s currently Thursday, and the only thing that’s motivated me to make it this far through the hectic week is the mental image of myself and friends enjoying paninis on a rooftop somewhere. Possibly with champagne…probably with champagne. But there’s one problem: I’ve jumped on board the kale express for January goals and I’m trying to eat healthier. Snacks and socializing frequently intersect because, let’s face it, it’s way more chic to chat with friends over a white table-clothed brunch than at the gym.

As a Bostonian, I find eating healthy in the land of grits, cheese, and fried-everything to be nearly impossible. Since moving here, I’ve witnessed the horror of all-you- can-eat buffets and learned that, apparently, someone came up with the idea of serving fried chicken with waffles. For breakfast. Southern soul food is all new to me, and – while intriguing – I’m actually trying to stick to my New Year’s Resolution of eating healthier this year.

Luckily, my tendency to wander the downtown area on a sunny day accompanied by my obsession with brunch have led me to three incredible, Charlestonian restaurants that will nourish your body and soul. This weekend, plan an afternoon to check out one of these local hot spots and enjoy guilt-free meals!

315 King St.

Beech, a brand-new restaurant on King St., wants to reintroduce Charlestonians to the basics of clean, healthy eating. That means no added sugar, syrups, powders, or anything artificial. It’sfast-food- meets-farmers- market. And I already know what you’re wondering: yes, they have acai bowls made from fresh, local products. The ambiance is simplistic and cozy, allowing customers to enjoy smoothies and homemade juices (I fell in love with their pineapple based Dawn Patrol) while people-watching the most vibrant part of King St. Even though I was only recently introduced to Beech, I already want to put a ring on it.

401 Huger St.

Speaking of acai bowls, this place is the holy grail of all healthy, peanut drizzled treats. Join the healthy food revolution the easy way by enjoying a Dragon Bowl with an organic cold-pressed juice. Head to their garden-patio and get in touch with your zen-self. The colorful food and environment will transport you to internal paradise. Items like their avocado toast and curried chicken salad wrap will prove that you don’t have to compromise taste for fewer calories. I should probably encourage you to go with friends and be social (blah, blah, blah), but to behonest, Huriyali’s back garden is the perfect place to hide away with a good book. Jane Austen would be proud.


109 President St.

If you’re anything like me, you have the perfect brunch outfit collecting dust in your closet and lingering promises to go out with old coworkers (who you’ve already cancelled on). Finally follow through on those plans and enjoy the fresh, veggie-based cuisine of Gnome Café.Whether you’re full-on- vegan or just plant-curious, this small haven is guaranteed to leave you smiling. Their menu mixes local ingredients, adding bold flavor to everything from salads and veggie burgers to mushroom BLTs and chickpea tuna salad. The white walls and wood detailing reflect the simplicity of the food; a simplicity which looks and tastes incredible. Food aside, their home website simply states, “There will be mimosas.” Need I say more?


Have fun brunching! – K.N.


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