Oh mate, that’s Brilliant! Top finds from the UK

Oh mate, that’s Brilliant! Top finds from the UK

The recent 90’s revival has got me reminiscing about my youth. What was I into back in those “bushy eyebrow” days? Kate Moss (although needing a cheeseburger, STAT) was my supermodel icon, Austin Powers was my VCR movie of choice, and my locker was perfectly decorated with Prince William’s mug from the latest Teen Pop issue. Admittedly, I have never crossed the ocean to the UK, but my love for those tea drinking sophisticates runs deep. Fast forward 20 years, and those Brits are still conquering my attention with shows like The Crown, everything Kate Middleton wears (like always), and Harry Potter (never read, but Beckett Babe “C” may need rehab for her addiction to this little wizard). Beyond celebrity and music, I have discovered some amazing goodies from shoes to beauty products that originate from our posh UK buddies.  So slap on your smashing accent, Keep Calm and “Shop on!


1-Tom Dixon Designs- tank Vases

These striking beauties are the creation of the exceptionally talented Brit, Tom Dixon. He is most know for the copper globe pendant (which I still covet more than words can say). He is entirely self taught and his modern approach to furniture, lighting, and home decor is truly remarkable.

2- tom dixon blush velvet pillow

Here he goes again, with another simple, yet statement making piece. Set off by the cobalt zipper, this plush throw pillow if the perfect accessory for any neutral colored couch or accent chair. Tom Dixon, is there anything you can’t magically create? Love, love love!

3- Camilla Elphick- shoes

I want, gimme gimme! Those words ran through my head as I browsed this shoe genius’s website. Every shoe is playful, edgy, unique and a little crazy.  Camilla is driven by a lifelong passion for eye-catching shoes and her use of witty motifs and unexpected heals set her apart from other designers. She only uses ethically soured materials which makes us Beckett Babes happy (we are very into going green these days, if you haven’t noticed ;).

4- Charlotte tilbury’s magic cream

This celebrity makeup artist’s superstar clients can’t get enough of this rich moisturizer, which comes with SPF 15 protection. Fact: your skin will feel amazing. I’m definitely saving up for this unicorn of face cream.

5- solange hotlips ring

This 18k gold and enamel gem truly brings us Beckett Babes pure joy. After designing her own engagement ring, Solange quickly rose to jewelry designer stardom in the London area (even her buddy Tom Ford recognized her as a force to be reckoned with). I know $625 is not exactly a steal, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

6- Batiste dry shampoo

Welcome to your dirty hair day savior! Hands down, this is one the best Dry Shampoos on the market. Want to know the best part? It is available at most drug stores and groceries stores, and the smell is amazing! (under $10)

I hope these fun finds fuels your love for all things British 🙂  I am totally ready to hop a plane, throw on a Burberry trench, and “wag off with some nobs”!




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