Our Favorite October Reads!

Our Favorite October Reads!

There’s something about those chunky knit blankets taking over Etsy that make us want a Tumeric Tea and a great book. Since lounging poolside with a good summer read is not in the cards for us anytime soon, our minds are shifting to crackling fires, cozy slippers, and page turning fiction. We’re taking a break from our beloved “Netflix and chill” nights and giving our imaginations some much needed fuel. Escaping into an enchanting story line is truly hypnotic and there is nothing more relaxing then falling asleep after hours of reading. Here is our list of top reads for Fall. A couple we have already devoured, and a few that are on the top of our “must download immediately” list.


  The Light We Lost – By Jill Santopolo


My besties left this romance book on my doorstep the night before I left for Mexico last week. I was hooked from page 1. Its an emotional rollercoaster about love, careers, and the importance of timing. This sliding doors plot line follows the relationship of two college students who meet in NYC on 9/11. Their journey is both beautiful and heartbreaking. – Athena

 People Like Us – By Dana Mele

I read a review that stated this book is Gossip Girl, Riverdale, and Pretty Little Liars all rolled into one. Naturally, I downloaded it immediately. The inner teen that forever lives inside me was drooling at the prep school meets murder storyline. Admittedly, the story is a bit far fetched and no where near realistic, but hey, its fiction. I read the whole thing in about a day and you can’t help but be sucked into the crazy drama that follows the main character, a boarding school soccer star and her gaggle of mean girls who are being blackmailed. – Athena

In The Woods – By Tana French

I have completely fallen in love with Tana French’s writing! It is at once suspenseful and psychologically dark without being unrelatable or loosing it’s sense of self. This was Tana’s first book, and it rightly took the literature world by storm by presenting something hauntingly beautiful and absorbing.

Taking place in Ireland, Tana writes in a man’s perspective with her main detective taking up a current case that directly relates to an unsolved disappearance that happened to him in his childhood. Tana intertwines elements of the supernatural to highlight the dark mechanisms her detective uses to confront his inner demons… or perhaps there is truly something bizarre going on!

Tana just came out with a new book “The Witch Elm” that everyone and their mother is talking about it, so check them both out! – Chelsea

 The Orchid Thief

Did you know that Orchids were basically the same thing as Bitcoin or a Stock Market back in the middle 1800s – 1950s? Perhaps you didn’t know that there were something called an Orchid hunter and which was a more dangerous and adventurous profession than “pirate”.

12 Orchid hunters, hired by different mega companies, walk into their respective tropical jungles. Only about 2 come out alive. The others would succumb to murder or sabotage between hunters, animal attacks, invasive diseases, warring state, or they would simply disappear into a lonely crevasse of unmapped landscapes….

I had no interest or knowledge in Orchids before this book. Now, I am deeply fascinated by their intense and unique effect on our psychology and economy and it kind of freaks me out! Orchids are akin to Obsession. Find out why! – Chelsea

  1776 – By David McCullough

This book can be a bit academic, but it paints a picture of our Nation’s start that is completely honest and historically accurate. This picture was strikingly nuanced from the tales I grew up learning as a child. It was so insightful to get a glimpse of the realities that our founders faced to achieve what we now understand as America. In todays world, it is an important read!

 In A Dark Dark Wood – By Ruth Ware

This one is just a FUN one akin to Gone Girl! Reese Witherspoon even reviewed it and she could basically tell me to chug Apple Cider Vinegar and I would happily do it. I am pretty sure they are making a movie out of it too! A bunch of old friends go to a cabin in the woods to celebrate a bachelorette party. Creepy murderous fun ensues! – Chelsea

We hope you have fun cozying up with a good book and

cup of something warm and soothing!


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