Our Interview with the *Charming* Eliza Limehouse!

Our Interview with the *Charming* Eliza Limehouse!


Like a gust of breazy fresh air, Eliza will walk into any room and make friends with its patrons. It is that open and honest quality that makes her so magnetic to those around her. Whether she is chatting about her latest Charleston adventure or opening up about a battle with blemishes, she will take you into her close confidence with positivity and warmth as though you were old friends.

Honest, hard working, entrepreneurial, and dedicated to family and close friends with a fearless can-do attitude that anything in life can be achieved, we are excited to for our readers to get to know the vivacious Eliza Limehouse!


What drew you to be passionate about horses and how did you start playing polo?

 Speaking of… Polo definitely has a stylistic flare unique to the spectators who attend – flouncy preppy dresses, big hats, bold lips, and southern drawls….

What is the craziest hat or outfit you’ve seen at a match?


My entire family has horses and plays so it’s in my blood…I don’t think I really had a choice lol. I’ve never worn a hat to a polo match because I’m always playing in them, but afterwards I have to put my hair in a chic bundle to keep it from looking crazy.


Name 5 things that are in your purse right now!?

I have so much junk…I have to re- organize it at least once a day….

1) Celine shades (my new fav just bargained for them in Rome)

2) Evian face spray

3) Holy City lip gloss (color folly)

4) My new matte Kevin Auccoin lip & mini wet brush

5) Bobby pins because my hair is insane, again. Haha


Our favorite thing about you is that you are not afraid to get your hands dirty, work extremely hard, and generally do whatever it takes to get you where you want to go. What sparks that determination and motivates you to accomplish your goals?

That’s a tough one because there’s so many reasons. I love to work and I love what  I do…my grandad is my daily inspiration…BUT yours truly, Athena is actually the person who got me to turn my hobby of making bracelets into a business which then sparked all of my other business.

I enjoy creating and learning, I hate sitting still. I’m just ready to conquer the next task, always.

Something I’m working on is smelling the roses more…my family says I’m a workaholic haha. Which I am!! But a passionate one! My animals inspire me to work harder so I can have more, and rescue more.


Any cute new bracelet styles coming out?!

LOTS!!!! Y’all know SBBC and Beckett loves pastels and gold accents 😉 we are always making new stackable pieces and love collaborating with our girls at Beckett


Another thing we admire about you is that you don’t project any fake personas and you are not afraid to show your true bright colors. You are who you are no matter the audience.

In that respect, what is the most embarassingly hilarious or raw thing you have shared on social media?

Oh Gosh, thank you!!

So many thing I share because I never want people to feel alone! We are all in this big crazy thing called life together!!!

I share about my zits or “Earls” as I call them quite often and my hair extensions. Now all of my friends and their moms refer to their blemishes as Earl, and they’ll even ask me how Earl and the fam is doing when I see them….and for my hair extensions I love to tape them on random objects when I’m in between getting new ones…

Oh but wait it gets better…I post about getting my blonde mustache getting waxed. I think that takes the cake. You wouldn’t believe how many people msg me thanking me for making them feel better and not alone on all things embarrassing that we do as women…love it!


How would you describe your personal style?

& Who are your style icons?

Honestly, my mother is my style icon. She dresses me daily and my followers and friends always adore her clothes!


We totally agree she is the absolute best, and it is inspiring how close you two are! She needs a style Instagram!

But now, we need to talk about Southern Charm…

Oh lord, well all I can say is…keep in mind it’s TV and it get better for me….reality TV is even crazier when you are on the other side of the screen!

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