Outfits Inspired By Beautiful Charleston Architecture

Outfits Inspired By Beautiful Charleston Architecture

Hey lovely readers, it’s K.N! I hope January has treated you all well – even though the first month of the year tends to feel like an exaggerated Monday. January brings about winds of change, and change can be unsettling (I can’t even force myself to change my coffee order). But whenever I’m feeling discouraged, I simply look out my window and immediately feel ungrateful for throwing a pity party. My view consists of beautiful theaters, churches and parks (oh my!), and I don’t even have to click my heels to feel at home.

When I’m trying to clear my mind and come up with ideas for the blog, I go on walks to nowhere and just stare at the pastel, stucco buildings in awe. So, this weekend, I took a walk downtown; not so-gracefully tripping over the cobblestone and then avoiding eye contact, telling myself that no one saw, even though everyone probably did.

As I turned corners and dipped down side-streets, I couldn’t help but feel like I was strolling down the aisles of a swanky museum. Charlestonian architecture is art in and of itself. Honestly— standing in front of Rainbow Row is like standing in front of an oil painting, or stepping into a dream (minus the scary Inception shenanigans). I even looked over my shoulder a few times reflexively, almost feeling like I needed to pay some imaginary museum curator for my day of gallery viewing.

And then it hit me—outfits inspired by architecture! So, I chose a few of my favorite southern-style structures and pieced together outfits inspired by their essence.

This look is casual elegance at its finest. The white pants (which are high waisted) made my legs look a mile long. Paired with the loose knit top and necklace, this polished outfit gives off beachy vibes.

Just like the colorful window boxes scattered around Charleston, this floral gown is guaranteed to draw attention. The detailing and fluidity of the gown caused show-stopping movement when met with a slight breeze. I felt like a Caribbean goddess in this dress, and its tie at the waist resulted in a flattering silhouette. Plus, who doesn’t love a gown with pockets?

The checkered cut-outs put a nice twist on this little black dress. Just as the black and white tiles are in contrast with St. Mathew’s vibrant red door, our red sunglasses give this look an edgy, modern kick.

I saw the breathtaking ceiling of the Unitarian Church and was immediately inspired to pair together beautiful blue and lace. Luckily, this top has both! Paired with the beaded necklace, the relaxed-fit top really embodies both the color palette and the essence of the Church’s detailing.

The clean lines of the vest layered over this classic dress plays on the straight lines of the Calhoun Mansion. The off-the- shoulder, smooth white dress embodies the romance of the mansion – it’s where The Notebook was shot, after all. The vest and bag add maturity and elegance to the look.

These looks are great representations of southern-style, and are meant to be worn down King Street. Remember to dress every day keeping in mind that fashion is art that you wear. Draw inspiration from the architecture surrounding you and stop by Beckett so we can help you bring your ideas to life!



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