Plush Perfection: the Velvet Bandwagon

Plush Perfection: the Velvet Bandwagon

There are moments in every fashion obsessed girl’s life when she is awestruck by greatness. When the insanely beautiful Scarlet Ohara ripped those green velvet curtains down to make a southern antebellum gown, I was spellbound by the majestic beauty of her ingenuity. For you little millennials who have not given 4 hours of time and devotion to watching Gone With The Wind, this reference may be lost on you. Picture a waterfall of green velvet being draped so perfectly on a raven haired beauty that even Jean Paul Gottier couldn’t guess that curtains were the inspiration for this fashion challenge. Never before had velvet looked so regal and impressive.

Thank the fashion gods above, because this yummy fabric is making a serious comeback. Since wearing a floor length ball gown is not the norm for most of us (although totally acceptable in my book), velvet is now popping up in ready to wear with daytime street, casual pieces like tanks, easy shift dresses, and even jeans. Black velvet is still a staple, but blushes, taupe, and navy are adding another dimension to this classic textile.

updated classic

Cozy Neutral Vibes

Friday Night Feels

From Work to Date Night

“Navy is the new Black” Blazer

Catching the velvet-fever yet? We certainly can’t get enough of this plush perfection! The Holidays are rolling in fast (only 7 Saturdays until Christmas, yikes!!) and we strongly believe that every Beckett Babe should be and WILL BE the best dressed lady at every function.

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