Pool Side Cool

Pool Side Cool

Feelin’ hot hot hot? The days may be getting increasingly muggy and dense but thankfully most of you are in Charleston surrounded by water, so don’t let the heat slow your summer roll!

You should attend a pool party, plan a day at the beach, or a cruise on the ol’ boat to secret spots- which you texted a friend, who then begged another friend to take everyone out on his/her boat. If said person has a yacht, your friend is now my friend.

My favorite spot, which I will only provide the most minimal details about, is in a small coastal creek where a hidden rope swing and tree hammock may or may not be found. This rope is also near a small private bridge which, for safety and trespassing reasons, I of course do NOT wade through weeds and pluff mud to jump off of. I also absolutely do NOT ever recommend this activity to readers as it is incredibly dangerous and foolish. So there you have it.

While it is fervently believed by me that as long as you’re with the best people, you can always make your own fun. But lets face it, a party is only as good as it’s toys. Here is a list of items that keeps the party going!

First off, that perfect beach bag is a must, and hand made Mar Y Sol straw bags are just that – shop them at Beckett! (click headings to shop other items).

Hand made in Madagascar

Loving a good pop of color!




splash proof bling (at beckett!)


Mar Y Sol awesomeness

Thank you! – C

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