Shop The Blog: Easy Summer Pieces!

Shop The Blog: Easy Summer Pieces!

It is hot. No we mean it. It is like breast stroking through molasses out there. Every time we walk outside it becomes a physical and emotional struggle of what will break first: body or spirit. Yes that was totally stolen from Bane in Batman. He won’t mind.

Does anyone out there want to spend a million dollars on luxurious clothing they are going to sweat through? No! H-E-Double Hockey Stick No.

Problem though… Us Beckett Babes don’t want to sit around and waste the Summer away feeling hot and sorry for ourselves. We want to look good, feel good, and indulge in the Summer Instagram promised us even if our abs refuse to look like @kayla_itsines

Here are our picks for easy throw on pieces that will keep you looking fresh and styled to beat that Summer heat.

Shop the items in the blog below (bottom of the post), or call us for an item not featured!  843-405-1105

Keep It Simple With A Chambray Throw On

One Shoulder Ruffle Is so effortless, you should be paid to exist in it. The material on this top is singularly light and breathable.

The High Waisted Denim Skirt of your summer dreams. Goes with everything in your closet.

Breezy clothes. Breezy smile. Breezy life. Also a little linen embroidered Hammock for good measure.

Summer ticking stripes in a light weight fabric make us happy. They will make you happy as well. Simple as that.

I think this is the happiest a photo has ever made us. A* has let it slip that she is auditioning for the 4th Charlie’s Angle.

Thank you!!! We are here for your questions and Summer Style if you need us. Although A* floated off into the sunset.

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