Shop The Blog: Three CHS Amigos For The Summer

Shop The Blog: Three CHS Amigos For The Summer

Summer in Charleston is truly an unforgettable experience, making it a fun time to change up your wardrobe and experiment a little.The three of us have set off to navigate the Holy City in the fun and unique, yet sophisticated pieces from Beckett Boutique.There are so many things to do in the city voted by Travel and Leisure as the number one best city in the world. Summers here are filled with long days and even longer nights. Therefore the outfits styled below are meant to last a girl through the many activities she encounters in a day/night. Now it’s time to get inspired!

                                       xoxo , AK, CB, and TY

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I have yet to come across a city greater than Charleston, South Carolina…and I simply refused to leave for the summer. Growing up as a sandy blonde with green eyes in the heart of the South (Jackson, Mississippi), I quickly discovered that green was my color (with the guidance of my sandy blonde, green eyed mom). Living in Charleston has given me the perfect place to tan my skin and make it even easier to pull it off. To my fellow olive skinned, green eyed blondies–both of these outfits are a MUST.

Tip 1: White top and a green bottom. Welcome to my Wardrobe. There is nothing better than a flirty, structured shirt to go on top of an easy army green denim skirt. This top is so perfect to spice any outfit up, and the skirt is an easy everyday piece of clothing that can be dressed up and down. Throw a pair of light colored wedges or sandals on with this outfit and fly out the door…you’ll be the best dressed anywhere you go.

Tip 2: My southern roots…a denim dress. This is essential to anyone’s closet. You will look fabulous AND carefree. The green tank and multi colored clutch give this fun little dress a perfect pop of color. Wedges, sandals, sneakers…you name it. Anything goes. This is such an easy outfit to personalize and add character to. You can catch me on the streets of chuck wearing this any day of the week.



What a better way to spend the summer than working with two friends surrounded by the chicest clothes in the city of Charleston? Coming from the North, I was definitely in for a (lovely) surprise with the Charleston sun and heat. I learned quite quickly the importance of styling while keeping the forecast in mind. I had no problem either adjusting to the “Go with the Flow attitude” of the City allowing my wardrobe to fill with pieces that could be worn all day and (with the addition of a Wedge and some accessories) all night!

Tip 1:A top like this adorable off the shoulder button down has become a staple in my closet. I know I can throw it on with a pair of white cut offs or even some sleek jeans heading to an early day of work or a morning long brunch. When the sun sets and the streets cool off I’ll throw on a pair of fun flowy pants and a chunky heel to spice things up.

Tip 2:It’s important to keep in mind that it’s (truly) okay to stick with that color or design that continuously makes you happy, but engaging variety within those categories is key. These slate grey pants make me feel just as comfy and fashionable as the white wide legged pants above but I keep in mind I can style and wear these two slacks in a range of different ways



One of my favorite things to do in Chuck is wake up early and go grab a coffee from my favorite place, Blacktap on Beaufain. I live by the idea that whatever I throw on in the morning must last me throughout the day and make me happy. There is no fun in wearing pieces that don’t inspire you and excite you.  I always choose quality over quantity because all my favorite pieces from my jean jacket to my silky dresses are recycled outfits throughout the year. Lastly, summer in Charleston is a the best city to strut your style in the streets.

Tip 1: The two key pieces that make this fun daytime outfit is the dress and the sneakers. My immediate daytime look always requires my sneakers. Pairing sneakers with a colorful dress is such a fun way to stand out. Furthermore, I am all about pairing pieces that are tight fitting alongside something unfitted like the coveted Jolene jean jacket.

Tip 2: Styling your clothes based on the colors that bring at your features is one of the most important tips in dressing. One of my favorite color combinations is red and pink because it really emphasizes my features like my brown eyes and hair which can sometimes can drowned out by my clothing choices.


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