Style your Home with Colors of the Season

Style your Home with Colors of the Season

Have you ever gone back and forth between obsessing over your wardrobe and glamming up your house? The clothes vs decor battle is a constant turf war in my wallet. “Quarentining” definitely brought out the Kelly Wearstler in me, as I paced around my house re-designing every nook and cranny.  However, my passion for fashion can never be tamed. Colors, textures, and fabrics of Summer threads always demand my full attention.

A signature color palette is my secret weapon each season when curating a cohesive closet.

My Summer Style Color Palette


With that method in mind, I have been giving into both shopping urges, making home and wardrobe a dual priority.  Neutrals mixed with a few color pops are my standard method of “painting” my style palette. Like my closet, my home is another extension of my personal style; complete with neutral staples and pops of bright colored decor accessories.  As a super fan of Scandinavian home style, I love the calming hues of ivorys, whites, grays, and blacks. 

#Beckettstyle isn’t just about clothes

The fashion addict in me needs home accents that pack a unique punch against a backdrop of clean neutrals. Inspired by the Summer palette I chose for clothes, I have been adding a little va va voom to my home decor. The result: some killer summer style and a fun face lift to mi casa!



Green thumb or fake all the way, we all need a little plant action to bring in some peaceful ambiance. Fiddle figs to succulents, any touch of green in a modern floor planter can liven up a lonely corner and create depth in a flat neutral space. I love adding a pop of Kelly green to accessorize an all white look, and the all white modern planter gives a room the same boost.



Did you get the memo, yellow is the new blush? While I’m still a sucker for blush, yellow is slowly stealing my attention. Just like in fashion, finding the right shade of sunshine is key to achieving just the right mood. This yellow mesh bowl is everything I want and more! Throw in some limes or oranges and viola, a centerpiece that doubles as a conversation piece!



Raise your hand if you get giddy to decorate a bookcase or a side table! I truly find so much joy in placing coffee table books and accessories in just the perfect spots. I stumbled across this butterfly glass paperweight and I immediately fell head over heels. The orange, rust and yellow hues that I adore in all my spring neutral looks, come to life in my house with this adorable little butterfly. 



Meet my favorite purchase of 2020. My sweet husband surprised me with this for Mother’s Day and it 100% transformed a boring wall. He found it at our fave local Scandinavian Home Decor, HAUSFUL. If you live in Charleston, you should totally go check them out! You can find this clock on their website along with some other amazing finds.

my favorite new wall art!


Pastels are a stable in my personal style and I have often struggled to incorporate them in my house in a fresh, unique way.  As a total beach rat / wannabe surfer, this print caught my eye and I didn’t hesitate to hit “add to cart”. The cool teal and pale blush combined with the beach vibes gave my breakfast nook some salty eye candy.


Oh Joanna Gaines, you can do no wrong. Seriously, how cute are these vases? I am always on the hunt for small touches of blush to incorporate into my decor. With two daughters, a girly wife, and even a female dog, my husband winces at the sight of pink. I use these as a centerpiece in my dining room against a sea of black, gray, and walnut, and they pass the husband test with flying colors!

What will your summer color palette be? Get some style inspiration from the gorgeous racks at Beckett, and let your fashion favorites be your guide to accessorizing your house. Whether the perfect outfit or a seamlessly decorated living room, stay true to your personal style and don’t be afraid to take some color risk!

Happy shopping and Happy Decorating!


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