Styled: Prolific Pink!

Styled: Prolific Pink!

Anyone who knows the store, knows we love us some blush pink! Did you know that it is actually quite a prolific color?!

Thoughts of pink at once brings up images of an iconic plastic smile on one stiff little Pepto Bismol clad toy named Barbie, the soft pastel tweed of Jackie Onassis’s prim and proper hats, a hot streak of a certain punk rocker’s hair, or even walking into a Victoria’s Secret and being enveloped in a singular world of never ending Pink. There is one thing these images have in common, they are all Female centric!

Pink is undoubtedly associated with femininity, but that association is often relayed through negative connotations or with a narrow singular identity –  sultry or trashy (hot pink), silly and girly (baby pink), or even hyper-feminized, conservative and too matronly (think Harry Potter’s use of pink to thinly disguise the evil nature of Professor Umbridge). BUT this identity has been fairly recent, and the history of the color pink is surprisingly transgressive, reflecting different cultural attitudes toward it!

Did you know, in the 1700s pink was considered a masculine color worn mostly by aristocratic boys – considered a softer version of red which was a military and therefore masculine color! Hands up if you adore the movie “A League of Their Own” as much we do – hello Madonna being a bad ass!?

The mainstream feminization of pink happened around that time – men come back from World War II and found a fair amount of their jobs taken up by women. In an effort or panic to secure jobs, a cultural hyper-feminization of women took place through concentrated marketing and media campaigns that put women firmly back in the home and in pink poodle skirts – using the color to deliver a strong message of identity.

Any who! These days we are so excited that pink is being taken back! Women, and yes Millennials, are redefining for themselves – key phrase because there is nothing wrong with choosing a home life- how the color is construed or viewed in association with femininity, with a typhoon of blush and pink hues taking over fashion!

Enjoy our styling nod to all things prolific pink!

A soft Pink can add an warming textural element that acts more like a neutral and won’t overwhelm your OOTD!


This top might be true love… or at least obsession! We adore that all the glitter and glam of this top is made a little softer, more approachable with the complimentary shades of pink!


Jumping for joy – sorry had to..! – about this dresses that balances a moodier pink with feminine lines and sparkles! Wear it to that next thing you have to go to… 😉

Ruffles, velvet, blush????? Our hearts just stopped! Pair with charcoal denim and strut down the street like you own it!

One of the coolest aspects of pink is how many fun colors it compliments beautifully with! Try it with mustard, honey brown, other shades of pink, army green, even pair with moody or bright reds! The world is your pink oyster!

Didn’t we tell you it goes with red!? Bad ass attitude included!

Try styling your own fabulous pink ensemble this week and go forth and enjoy new takes on this age old color!

XX – Beckett Team | Shop all things Pink below!

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– Renowned fashion historian Valerie Steele, editor of the recently published book “Pink: The History of a Punk, Pretty, Powerful Color,” does a quick interview! 

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