The $8 Toner With A Cult Following, And 6 Other All-Natural Beauty Obsessions

The $8 Toner With A Cult Following, And 6 Other All-Natural Beauty Obsessions

If you haven’t heard of the “natural beauty” movement, then you need to come out from under that rock, my friend, and enjoy the sunshine! With chemical-free sunblock of course.

Natural beauty is this amazing new idea that maybe, just maybe, we can rise above corporate racketeering and have our beauty products actually synonymous with skin care (or at least not causing long term damage). And that our skin care be actually beneficial for our skin – chemical free, hormone free, cruelty free, naturally regenerative ingredients, and, oh ya, lets also be environmentally conscientious. Because why the hell wasn’t it before corporate America!?!?

For example, did you know… that there are thousands of ingredients that are banned as un-safe for human use in every country EXCEPT America? And because of that, beauty brands like La Mer have drastically different formulas for their American products, using those same ingredients, to make a higher profit? Oops I just ruined everything for you. Don’t worry, the natural beauty movement is here to stay. Here are my top picks this month!

Thayers Witch Hazel & Rose Petal Toner (click link to purchase)

This is the toner with a cult following. The toner that changed everything for me. Before this toner, the word “toner” was associated with telemarketers over land-line phones in the 90’s trying to accommodate my “paper needs”. Is that you Phoebe Buffay?! (holler if you get that reference)

This idea was further perpetuated when every beauty store sold toner for $100 bucks a pop. No thank you to whatever that is.

Now however, life is glorious. I use this toner after removing my make up and washing my face, but before moisturizing. It is ALCOHOL FREE (beware of anything claiming organic status with alcohol in it – unless you want wrinkles), it immediately firms and smooths my skin, it dries super fast, and it leaves my face glowing with youth. Yes, I just said that. It also smells like roses.

Downside – the bottle pours horribly. But when I feel like Sleeping Beauty, who cares!

Tatcha Cleansing Oil (click this link to purchase)

Are you using Neutrogena make-up remover wipes? STOP RIGHT NOW. Alcohol dries out skin, sucks up nutrients, and causes wrinkles. Those wipes have alcohol in them and they contain chemicals. Bye, Felicia.

My mom gets credit for showing me this one. It is totally different than anything I have done before – you use oil to clean your face! Put this product on over your dry (no water) fully makeup-ed face, rub it all over, wash off with water and a clean towel! It’s a little bit more of a process, but small price to pay for dewy skin.

True Botanicals Pure Radiance Face Oil (click here to purchase).

This is where I spend my money – face oils. Because they matter, they work, and they are 100% natural and (usually) organic! Each face oil uses different plant or natural based methods to target different problems, so do a little research on what would work best for you.

I use this one because I have pretty normal, combination skin and need an all around work horse rather than something specific and targeted. This oil keeps my skin moisturized while also generally revitalizing problem areas and protecting from damage. It also soaks into my skin relatively fast for an oil. If you are looking for something super targeted, try Vinter’s Daughter – (amazing story behind this brand) however that one does not moisturize, so you will need an added step for that.

Vapour Atmosphere Soft Foundation. (click link to purchase)

I hate using foundation. I hate having to put on a layer of something suffocating my skin when it wants to be free! That said, I have genetic dark circles that coverup alone usually can’t fix. In a previous post I tried using just RMS cream bronzer and cover up, and it worked for a while, but things got messy, too much effort, and frankly dirty (due to its application) fast.

This foundation is a mouse and goes on pretty light and soft with with great coverage. I would rather not have to use it, but if I have to, this is the best natural foundation I have found hands down. It also has no smell! Or at least no added smell. For a girl who has used Channel foundation soaked in perfume slightly reminiscent of softly dying flowers, this was a strange but very awesome change. Anything perfumed means you are essentially adding massive amount of undisclosed chemicals to your skin (companies, by law, do not have to disclose chemicals under the umbrella of perfume).

Ilia Lipstick in Madam Mina (click link to purchase)

Oh man… natural beauty and lipstick are apparently not friends. I have tried some heinous ones – drying, sticky, horrible color, suddenly bride of Frankenstien….

This is the only one I have tired from this brand, but I LOVE it. It is the perfect day-time nude-ish lipstick. It’s not too much, not too apparent, but my lips are looking gooooodd.

Have you ever had that moment when you put on a great (piece*?) of lipstick and think, oh hey there’s my face! Nice to see ya in all your glory!

Antonym Baked Foundation In Nude (click link to purchase)

This is definitely a light bronzer, not a foundation P.S… That said it is wonderful. It isn’t sparkly and doesn’t look like you took a black crayon to your face. It just has a nice glow! My skin is super fair, but yellow based and I can run the risk of looking sallow. This little guy helps warm everything up in a natural way. Possibly not as great if you are into contouring.


Ursa Major Deodorant. (click link to purchase)

I will try not to rant. I will try so hard not to rant. Please STOP using NON-natural deodorant. If you haven’t made the switch yet, it may be a hard one with at least a week long recovery period for your body (aka you may be more smelly), but I wouldn’t demand this of you without reason.

Short story – deodorants use massive amounts of chemicals to block your body’s sweat glands and in doing so, causes serious issues you may not be aware of.  Your armpit skin is sensitive and your body may be absorbing those chemicals directly into your blood stream or storing them in your fat cells. Why do you care? It’s been linked to reproductive issues and Cancer. Please find one Times article HERE, and do your own research!

Also this deodorant smells minty fresh and is the best one I have found! You may need to re-apply through out the day depending on your body, but it is sooo worth it!

Happy Beauty Hunting !


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