The Classic Contrast – Black & White

The Classic Contrast – Black & White

Here’s something to know about me: I wait until the last second to do everything. Including buy an outfit for an event. Even now, I started this blog at 8 pm when I need to finish it by tonight. Some call it madness, I call it my “artistic style,” (sounds better, right?) To give another example, I’m graduating in three weeks and everyone and their mother has their dress – except me, of course. I’ll have to rummage through the bare racks of whatever’s remaining and hope for a perfect-fit-miracle.

Graduation ceremonies and parties aren’t the only upcoming events. Diner en Blanc, an exclusive party in which Charlestonians dress in all white, and the iconic Charleston Affair are just two of the exciting events around the corner. Not to mention the fact that May-August is prime wedding season and the Summer in general calls for reunions, vacations, and luncheons.

While a few of the events I mentioned require an all-white ensemble, you really can’t go wrong with a black and/or white outfit at a formal event. We pulled some great, classic looks together that could be worn to any number of dressy events. If you procrastinate like me, fear not! This blog has done most of the work for you. We found the outfits, now all you have to do is pick your favorite.

Bold & Breezy

Has anyone seen “First Wives Club?” Because I immediately felt like Goldie Hawn in the last scene while wearing this (and that’s a huge win in my book). The clean, straight lines of these pants elongate the legs. The unique draping of the wide-leg pants makes for a very clean looking outfit, and they look best paired with a basic top.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s 2.0

This is the little black dress that everyone needs. The form fitting dress creates a sleek silhouette. It flares out slightly at the bottom, adding a subtle twist to an otherwise classic piece. We paired the dress with a statement bag. The natural coloring of the bag draws just the right amount of attention.

Grecian Goddess On-The-Go

This all white ensemble is perfect for the Summertime! The one-shoulder top has an elegant detailing that brings sophistication to the outfit. White skinny jeans pair nicely with the top and keep the eye moving. The black and cheetah-print sunglasses give the look a bold, edgy element.

Silky Smooth

The natural coloring of the bag in the last photo looked so nice that we paired a necklace of the same color with this look! The black, silk jogger pants were so comfortable, and were detailed with small gold zippers below the waistband. The ruffles on the silky white top make this a classically charming look. Additionally, this white bag was beautiful, and could be worn with almost any formal look.

A Little Color Never Hurt Nobody

This one-shoulder, semi-peplum top is to-die-for. Seriously, so adorable on the rack and even more adorable on. It’s fitted at the waist to create a nice, slimming shape. The ruffled detailing on the side elevates the sophistication of the top. With a top this expressive, it’s best to wear a basic pant. However, we couldn’t resist adding a nice pop of color to this classic look (whoops! so long for an all black and white blog – but it was worth it!). This is a very wearable outfit, and one that I felt great in!

These are timeless looks composed of timeless color patterns! Black and white photograph well and convey an air of sophistication. Go find the perfect, classic outfit for your upcoming event!

‘Til next time, loves.


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