The Ethical Diamond Brand You Want To Know About If You Are Getting Engaged!

The Ethical Diamond Brand You Want To Know About If You Are Getting Engaged!


I will keep this brief, but first of all, if you are considering taking that next massive step with your loved one – you go Glen Coco!

All I have to say is this:

In today’s age there are so many options to be responsible. Clarity about your diamond’s process can be achieved, whether its through companies that make it a point to be upfront about where their diamonds are coming from AND their entire mining process, to vintage or non-traditional options.

Make sure your love isn’t coming at the expense of someone else’s!

Vrai And Oro Jewelry falls into the ethical company category in a majorly modern way – embracing simplicity to highlight the diamonds natural brilliance with a breathtaking result. 

From the  Vrai And Oro on their practices:


“Our materials are highly valuable, our labor practices ethical, and our quality consistent. In addition to high quality materials, all of our jewelry is made right here in DTLA, so we can oversee processes and make sure everything is up to our high standards. We want you to be as excited about wearing it as we are about making it.”


“We don’t believe in buyer’s remorse, which is why we like to operate with complete transparency. Traditionally, jewelry is marked up 8 to 10 times between manufacturer and consumer, but we’re not about that.

You won’t find retail markups, middlemen costs, import expenses, or designer inflation here.”

“We think our jewelry speaks for itself, just like you. So in order to complement you, we design our pieces for everyday wear– regardless of occasion, time, or day– because simple never goes out of style.

Since our start in 2014, we’ve stood behind three key values: quality, simplicity, and transparency.

We are on a mission to expose the traditional ways of the jewelry industry.

No more back and forth about the “best deal possible,” no more overseas manufacturing, and no more sugar-coating materials.”

Xoxox – C


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