The Majority Of People Use Pet Names With Loved Ones – Do You?

The Majority Of People Use Pet Names With Loved Ones – Do You?

In conjunction with the theme, I will be providing images of my favorite spots on Upper King St. to grab a bite of something sweet with your Sweetheart!

We all have that friend… you know the one who enters a relationship and loses their name to the distinction of Babe. 

Being genderless, both people in the relationship usually fall prey to the word’s non-descriptive overuse. At some point, even I begin to also start answering to Babe, and then things get really interesting. “Ohhhh by Babe you meant your significant other… well too darn bad! I’m in this too now. Your mistake!”

You may have guessed it, my boyfriend and I do not use the classic pet names for each other, and I was curious if that was the norm. Especially after coming to the acute realization that this rule doesn’t seem to apply to our two dogs. Just the opposite in fact — we go absolutely nuts and lose all human dignity.

Macaroon Boutique – 45 John Street

Two bundles of wiggle-butts stride into the room and suddenly high pitched childlike noises come flying out all over the place. I like to call the big one a Chicken-McNugget because I firmly believe she needs to be knocked down a few pegs from a distinctly queen-like idea of herself. The little one,I call Mr. Man because he is short and spastic. Enough said.

In fact, further thought lead me to think about the nicknames/pet names I was called by my parents. Sure there were a lot of Sweethearts and Lambies, but then there was the nickname my mother liked to call me… Boo Boo Potato Chips. I imagine she must have been eating a bags of Lays, looked down at her young child, and saw an unmistakable resemblance. Thanks…

Are other people using pet names more like an inside joke that brings them closer rather than evaporating their identity? Or, perhaps, are all terms of endearment an important form of intimacy specific to the relationship? What is the norm?

Sugar BakeShop – 59 1/2 Cannon Street 

I decided to scientifically experiment on you (shoppers) to get more clarity! I asked customers if they used pet names and, if so, did they mind sharing them.

It turns out more people than I expected also don’t use the “typical” forms of pet names like Honey, Sweetheart, or Babe, although most people did. The split here, in this very small yet totally legit study, was almost half and half with most people expressing intimacy with the aforementioned classics. Almost everyone, however, used funny and/or unique “joke” names that they used in conjunction with the classics or singularly. Here are my favorite.

An older, or more mature woman if you will, came in with her husband of many years. She said they did not use pet names, but asked her husband if he remembered calling each other Woof Woof and Bow Wow at the start of the relationship. He was quick to deny any recollection of this. A little too quick…

The Victor Social Club – 39 F John Street (Hutson Alley)

One younger, but nonetheless long-term relationship — married with two kids — relayed that they used to call each other Puffin after watching “The Girls Next Door” (you know the one where Hugh Hefner had three playboy bunny girlfriends…) and finding the show a perfect guilty pleasure to laugh about together.

I asked a group of girls who were no doubt on a bachelorette party (it is bachelorette season in Charleston if you haven’t noticed and if that is the case venture to the Stars Rooftop and I prove my point). All members in the group pointed to one friend who liked to call everyone Honey Poo.

Another couple called relayed that they call each other Tootsie Roll and Sweet Sweets.

Cupcake DownSouth – 433 King St. 

One wife liked to call her husband by his full name because it sounded more important and distinctive. In return, her husband liked to call her Mama, and after just having twin boys she certainly deserves the title.

The last notable name, and my personal favorite, came from two women out shopping casually together. One was a Sweetheart kind of gal’ and the other partial to Honey. However, after some giggling, I got them to tell me that one had a Husband who LOVED to call her … Weenie Wifey Poo Poo, even when referring to her in casual conversation to friends. One question: who is this husband and where can I marry one like him?

In conclusion, I apologize if you were in the store and thought I was a crazy lady (I am) asking crazy questions. The moral of this story is: Whatever works for you and your relationship is the only right answer! (But come by the store and tell me any funny nicknames, because hilarious.)

Best – CK*

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