The Perfect Classic Rock Album For Every Emotion

The Perfect Classic Rock Album For Every Emotion

Sometimes, you need the perfect song to express how you feel or provide the background noise for an event. Nowadays, most songs on the radio are auto-tuned jumbles that overuse the word “baby” and get played 1,000 times a day. Classic rock is great because it was created when musicians actually had to be talented to make popular music. On top of that, classic rock musicians were super emotional people – I mean, Pink Floyd once created a double album whining about an overbearing mom. However, the perfect soundtracks for any situation or emotion were born out of these dramatic rock stars. Here are the albums that perfectly express your ever-changing emotions:

Warning: this album may make you “mushier” than usual, and lead to an impromptu viewing of The Notebook followed by Titanic. If you can listen to this album without feeling sentimental and lovey-dovey inside, there might be something wrong with you. Granted, Joel’s soothing voice and lovely lyrics could make even the Tin Man cry, but this album is love personified. This album could awaken the hopeless romantic in any Scrooge.

Okay, you got me – this isn’t an emotion, but great music is a necessity for a road trip. This album is perfect for a healthy dose of carpool karaoke, because belting out songs with over-the-top feeling is the only thing that gets us through long car rides (plus the occasional fast-food cheat meal). Not to mention that the first line of the first song is “Well I’m a runnin’ down the road try’n to loosen my load…” The Eagles are such a jam-band, and they emit good vibes rain or shine.

Everyone’s all about EDM right now, but nothing pumps me up more than some head-banging guitar work. Seriously. If you’re gearing up for a night out or you need to get your blood pumping for a presentation at work, this album will get you there. Say goodbye to drinking multiple coffees a day because the orchestral guitar riffs on this track will excite you more than a large americano with an extra espresso shot (not to mention Zeppelin is a lot healthier than caffeine).

When you’re sad, people encourage you to go out and distract yourself. But I’m a believer in taking a day or two to wallow, hardcore. Sometimes you just need to put on sad music, hide under the covers, and order takeout. Putting on this album while in bed is the perfect way to handle your sadness like a loud-and-proud drama queen; I’m talking tissues boxes, wine, and sweatpants. Embrace it, and then move on with the next album…

C’mon, how can you be upset while listening to one of The Beatles’ greatest albums?! These songs make me dance around my kitchen barefoot and bring the biggest, goofiest smile to my face. If you’re relaxing around the house with company and want to impress them by literally putting on the perfect album and showing off what a music aficionado you are, play this. By the last song, you’ll be in such a good mood that you’ll do something dumb, like offer to drive your friend to the airport at 4 am the next morning, and then subsequently hate yourself when the rhythm wears off.

They’re classics for a reason – let loose and have fun listening!

Until next time,

xoxo K.N

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