The Summer Edit: 6 key pieces to Heat Up your Style

The Summer Edit: 6 key pieces to Heat Up your Style

There are some things I truly miss as I get older (#adulting), and the change from Spring to Summer tops the list. I remember that childhood excitement that pulsed through my veins as school books flew in the air and lockers swung open emptying the contents into the hallway (insert scene from Dazed and Confused) on that famous last day of school. Oh yes, school was out for summer and I was pumped. As you all know, this “break from life” that occurred every June as a kid, is now just another month of work, just hotter.

However, summer as an adult has still remained an exciting time of year, but for very different reasons. I hated summer reading as a kid, now I literally litter my brain with every cheesy beach romance novel I can find. Pool days and beach afternoons were and still are my summer playgrounds (only now with endless Rose). Summer is all about freedom; freedom from structure, schedules, and responsibly (wait, only if you are 5, haha). Still, the essence of freedom is in the air, and with that feeling of whimsy comes a need to dress with more of a free spirit. Summer styles often reflect that playful side of ourselves and why not look fab while frolicking in the sun!

Temps are on the rise and social calendars are filling up with poolside parties and beach bonfires. Here in the south, summer style takes center stage. Charleston’s best dressed compete for “top style awards” at endless happy hours and cabana soirees. I myself have little to no self control when it comes to padding my closet with new threads this time of year. Its a little scary how much satisfaction I get from a cute top to throw on with my cut offs. There is just something alluring about the summer season that makes me want to add more color than usual and show a little more of my semi-tanned skin. However, it really does not take an entire new wardrobe to look current and on point. A few key pieces can rejuvenate your summer style and keep your fresh-from-the-beach vibe polished and playful at the same time.



2. The Moroccan Clutch

3. The High Waisted Skirt

4. The Oversized Earring

5. The Perfect Tee

6. Round Beach Towel

Let’s splash into the Summer Scene with some new looks! All the amazingness seen here is available at Beckett. Ridiculously awesome styling services are free with every purchase 😉

xoxo- A

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