These Style Tips Are Sure To Boost Your Mood!

These Style Tips Are Sure To Boost Your Mood!

Do you ever have those days when you are unmotivated, not as chatty, and unproductive? If you answer No, then please stop reading and go enjoy your perfect life. For the rest of you humans who face less-than-perfect days, then by all means, read on.

I have noticed in recent weeks, that some days I am an animal on the sales floor. Literally, I could sell dirt to a dirt farmer. But other days, I feel unable to connect with anyone, must less make a sale. As somewhat of a perfectionist, this inconsistency really bugs me. I want to be great at my job everyday, not just when the mood strikes. Here in lies the rub: what influences my mood positively on days that I am conquering the world?

As trivial as it may seem, I honestly believe that I how I feel in what I am wearing is a HUGE factor in my moods. Of course, how one looks on the outside is definitely not the most important thing, however when I feel comfortable, well styled, and confident in my outward appearance, it completely enhances all aspects of my day. I walk with better posture, I am frendlier and more open, I tend to tackle tasks that I had on the back burner (not quite sure why paying bills is easier in a great outfit, but hey!). Again, let me reiterate, I do not think amazing clothes are the key to infinite happiness, but they do help pave the yellow brick road of simple daily pleasures (and who doesn’t need more of those, really).

Researchers of the University of Queensland posed the question: Do you wear clothing that reflects your mood or do you wear clothing to change your mood? What they found that most often, people dress for they’d like to feel or how they want others to think they are feeling. I have found that on days that I am stressed about one thing or another, I tend to dress more bohemian. On days that I am excited or distracted about something other than work, I tend to dress more fashion forward and polished. Hmmm, I guess the Queensland’s research was correct.

Let’s be real here, not every day is a home run in terms of fashion victories. So go easy on yourself if some days are a “wah wah” and know that it’s ok if you just need to keep to yourself and get sucked into Buzz feed articles (thanks C for turing me onto this crazy addiction). However, creating that happy pill of an outfit is achievable and I am here with some helpful hints to guide you along the way. Enjoy!

1. Invest in comfy, yet stylish shoes

You’ve heard it here folks (more times than once), fashion sneakers are a must! Nothing lifts my spirits and feeds my ego more than “sneaker envy complements” that come my way while wearing my latest kicks. Comfy feet + loads of praise = happy me 🙂

2. Boyfriend jeans

We all have those “skinny day” pieces in your closet that seem stare at you with judgement.  First of all, I advise you to give those “goal weight” items away immediately. They simply make you feel not good enough on days when they don’t fit. Women’s bodies do fluctuate, this is true. So my solution to feeling fabulous on days when skinny jeans won’t cut it: a great Boyfriend Jean. Not only are they easy to wear, they look amazing and high fashion with any cute top.

3. know your colors

I don’t care how much blush and concealer I slather on, there are some days when I look like I need a spa weekend ASAP. Charcoal grey, black, and cream literally make my face look jaundice no matter how much sleep or green juices from Huriyali Gardens Miss C brings me. On the other hand, blush pinks, bright navys, and fresh whites have me checking myself out in the mirror every 5 seconds, like “hey there pretty lady” 🙂

4. Give your hair some tlc

There is nothing worse than days when you hate your hair. Take 10 min and craft a topknot or grab some dry shampoo to spruce up your roots. Having the right tools makes all the difference. My go to: the curling wand. The wand takes literally minutes and works like a charm.

5. hydrate

Need a quick mood boost? Drink water! Simple solution, yes, but totally effective. Hydrating keeps your skin glowing, your energy levels up, and your hunger at bay (bye bye “hangry” lady). I absolutely love my swell because it keeps liquids hot or cold all day, and of course it is so cute and trendy 🙂

6. statement necklaces

Here is instant style facelift! An assortment of fun eye catching necklaces is key to nailing a fun well styled outfit. I always feel put together and playful when I am wearing a crazy accessory. If you live in my world of t-shirts and jeans, a great necklace is sometimes the key element that completes my look and my boosts my mood.

So next time you are feeling less than fabulous, remember these little tricks to help you achieve happiness and style greatness simultaneously. Let’s conquer the world one great outfit at a time!

xo- A

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