This One Simple Trick Will Elevate Your Weekday Style

This One Simple Trick Will Elevate Your Weekday Style

Unless you live on a remote island collecting sea shells all day, you probably experience the dreaded rush to get dressed each and every morning. You’re half awake, bleary eyed, already in the midst of 75 morning tasks, while simultaneously attempting to put together a semi decent outfit. We have all dealt with this battle and more often than not, have lost the war week after week. BUT, I have some good news. I have discovered the one thing all stylish women have in common: Planning your weekday wardrobe in advance. Ok, so it may not seem uber profound, however I am very surprised by how many women do not craft their outfits for the week ahead of time. I have been doing this (at least trying to do this) every Sunday since my girls were born. I know its hard to carve out time on the weekends for yourself, but it really only takes 45 minutes to go through these steps, and I promise you will thank yourself every morning!

Step 1: check the weather

Hello Captain obvious. There is no way to plan ahead if you don’t know what temperature lies ahead. Hairstyles, shoes, layers all depend on the weekly forecast. If you live in a city like Charleston, it can be bitter cold one day and beach weather the next, so preparing ahead can save you from boiling in cashmere or freezing in chiffon.

step 2: Know your schedule

Business meetings, day to night events, workout schedule are all good things to take note of when planning your looks. For me, I know my hair will be in a messy topknot the day after a workout, so I always try to find a blouse that looks cute with my hair up. So, grab your planner, make some weekly notes, and start styling!

Step 3: find some style inspiration

I am notorious for stalking Instagram accounts of my fave bloggers and style icons for outfit ideas. There is nothing more satisfying than recreating a killer look with items that I already own (fashion Geek alert!). Some of my go-tos are…

Blair eadie, Atlantic pacific

Julie engel, gal meets glam

(fun facts: she lives in CHS! & this skirt is available at Beckett!)

step 4: get organized

Once you have carefully thought out what to wear and when to wear it, it’s crucial to have the outfits easily accessible and organized so your morning routine is streamlined. If you have space in your closet, hang all the outfits in one place and label them. These adorable rounders are printable and hook right on the hanger!

For all my tech savvy chicas, try laying all your styled looks out on a flat surface and snapping a quick pic. That way you will have a quick reference on your phone whenever you need it!

Step 5:Know your Go-tos

We all have those favorite jeans that make you feel super skinny, and that amazing blouse that always gets you a ton of compliments. These are key players in your dressing game. They are dependable, comfortable, and bring you joy. Some of my wardrobe warriors are my medium wash jeans, a great white t-shirt, a black knit dress, and a neutral arm party.

Mornings are stressful, no doubt about it. So why not take the panic out of dressing by a little pragmatic weekend planning. My Sunday evening routine: pour a glass of wine, give the kids to the hubby, and take my clothes head on. It’s amazing how much I actually love all my pieces when I’m not in a rushed frenzy trying to throw on something just to get out the door. I can’t solve all your wardrobe issues, but I promise this Sunday trick will change your mornings forever!

Later Lovlies-



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